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Annie is an acquaintance of Ben's from his drama class. She takes her character very seriously and enjoys the improvisational aspect of roleplaying.

Annie is entirely interested in the character, plot and story aspects of the game and sees the dice rolling and XP gaining as rather silly.

Game HistoryEdit

Annie joined the game after meeting Ben at a drama class. She was the only one who didn't laugh after Ben said he was in the class to improve his roleplaying[1], and in fact was interested in how the game works.

The Phanstasmal MalevolenceEdit

(To Be Worked On)

The Silence of the ClonesEdit

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Revelation of the SithEdit

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A New GenerationEdit

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Other CampaignsEdit

Fantasy CampaignEdit

Annie did not take part in the fantasy campaign because she was busy studying and working.[2]

Annie's CampaignEdit

Annie's campaign was a complex detailed plot reimagining classic horror archetypes as sympathetic characters. This didn't go as planned. (To Be Worked On)

Jim's CampaignEdit

(To Be Worked On)

Personal LifeEdit

Annie was a friend of Ben's through a drama class.

After the end of the Silence of the Clones, she and Jim started dating folowing a slightly awkward few gaming sessions.

At some point she got and lost a job at a restaurant.[3]She lost this after a series of incidents including turning up late, "borrowing" from the till, and missing work for an audition[4]