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Leia Amidala, daughter
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First Appearance

Page 651, The Revelation of the Sith

Darth Vader is a character that started out briefly as a PC played by Annie at the end of Revelation of the Sith, was an NPC for the first half of A New Generation, then Annie resumed playing the character, and Vader has been played by Annie ever since. Vader is a powerful Force-user and the head of the Empire's military. Described by one of the players as, "the embodiment of evil" for destroying Naboo. Long believed to be Anakin, Vader claimed to be Anakin's wife Padme Amidala.

NOTE: See also Padme Amidala

The Revelation of the Sith Edit

The person now known as Darth Vader was encased in cybernetic black armor, converting the person into a cyborg. Palpatine stood beside the person. As the platform the person was lying on leveled the person to an upright position, Palpatine said, " Rise..." The person asked, "What... What have you done to me?" Palpatine replied, "I need a strong figurehead to control the military; you shall have the power you crave. Do not deny it; I have sensed it building in you. The midi-chlorians have supported your shattered body; they will help you grow strong again. But the military chain of command is very... traditional. You are now effectively a retired Jedi; you should adopt the "Darth" honorific." The person said, "I shall be known as... Darth Vader." Palpatine said, "I regret to say, your life support systems contain... measures to ensure your loyalty." Darth Vader asked, "What do you mean?" Palpatine answered, "You are too dangerous, too... reckless; you must learn control. Until you do, I shall be your master. Now, get me some tea." Vader yelled, "Noooooo!!!"

Palpatine took Darth Vader, to Tàrkin, who was supervising the construction of the Peace Moon. Tàrkin complained that the droids and cyborgs were useless for this task, and requested the use of Vader's army. Vader granted the request, and Tàrkin left. Palpatine complimented Vader. Vader replied Vader wouldd kill Tàrkin tomorrow.

A New Generation Edit

19 years later, Captain Antilles, Princess, R2-D2, and C-3PO were all part of the Rebellion against the Empire and its corrupt Senate and were aboard a starship that had acquired the secret plans of the Peace Moon. They were trying to head back to Alderaan with the plans, but R2 had hacked into the starship's main computer and had taken the ship off course to Tattooine, because he'd become obsessed with getting back his dreadnought that Obi-Wan borrowed to go to Tattooine and never gave back. They'd run into an Imperial Star Destroyer that R2 had opened fire on. The Destroyer caught the ship in a tractor beam and pulled it into a docking bay. Antilles led the ship's Rebel Soldiers, preparing to ambush the Clone Troopers when they came aboard and loot their Destroyer. When the Troopers boarded the ship, they traded fire with Antilles' soldiers. Antilles and his men fell back.

R2 led a reluctant 3PO trying to get to an airlock that would lead to the Destroyer. They ran into Antilles and his men retreating from the Clone Troopers. The Troopers had been firing at the Rebel Soldiers, but hadn't hit anything. 3PO didn't think they could get in between the crossfire without getting hit, but the Troopers recognized R2 and 3PO as civilians, and deliberately fired around them to avoid hitting them. R2 and 3PO passed safely through the hallway the fight was taking place in. Antilles was made confident by the Troopers' poor marksmanship and ordered his men to fire back at them. Suddenly, there was a pause among the Troopers, and then they fired back as one with chilling efficiency, slaughtering all of the Rebel Soldiers. Antilles, the only survivor, retreated. Into the hallway strode a figure in black armor and a black helmet that completely covered the figure's body, and a black cape. This was Darth Vader.

Antilles was captured and was taken before Vader. Vader had Antilles in a chokehold as the Clone Trooper Commander informed Vader that the Peace Moon plans weren't in the main computer. Vader demanded that Antilles tell Vader these plans or Vader would kill him, but Antilles refused. He then went into a long, rambling, confusing monologue that tried to praise the "heroic sacrifices" of Kyle Katarn, Bria Tharen, and Bail Organa while at the same time trying to deny any knowledge or involvement in their actions. Finally, Vader told Antilles to shut up or Vader'd kill him. Antilles tried to claim Diplomatic Immunity. Vader told him it had been revoked, and tightened Vader's chokehold, killing Antilles.

Princess was captured and was taken to Vader. Vader demanded she tell Vader where the Peace Moon plans were, but Princess defiantly refused, proudly declaring herself a part of the Rebellion. Vader ordered her taken away. Daine Jir told Vader that if word of this got out, it could increase sympathy for the Rebellion in the Senate. Vader told him that word of this would not get out, since Jir would have everyone involved killed. Jir asked if that includes himself, and Vader said yes. Nahdonnis Praji informed Vader of the escape pod that had left Princess' ship. Vader told him to go on. Praji stammered that maybe the plans were on the pod and maybe they should go find the pod. Vader remained silent. Then Praji offered to kill himself, and Vader told him that would be perfect.

Onboard the Peace Moon there was a general staff meeting that included Tarkin, Darth Vader, and Admiral Motti. The staff was a bit worried since the Senate had now come onboard to take charge of their "Goodwill Inspection Tour". Motti complained that the Peace Moon would've been completed a lot sooner if Vader hadn't Force-choked half the workforce to death. Vader began Force-choking Motti, and declared that gave Vader a good idea: from then on Vader'd Force-choke all the workforce half to death. Vader then released Motti.

On the Peace Moon, Vader confronted Princess, who was being held prisoner there. Vader told her that they were on the trail of those Peace Moon plans, that they'd already managed to trace those plans as far as to a "desert Rebel hideout" who's defensive arsenal impressed even Vader. But the lubrication oil was contaminated with dust, causing the hideout's weapons to jam, so Vader's troops overran the place. Vader had a sadistic droid, IT-0, interrogate Princess.

Later, Darth Vader, Tarkin, and General Tagge discussed the fact that the Senate was meeting in closed session. Tagge kept changing the opinions he was voicing about the Senate, clearly terrified of offending Vader, who kept saying conflicting things of Vader's own about the Senate.

Later, Darth Vader had Princess brought before Vader and Tarkin. Vader explained that the Senate had decided that a show of force from the Peace Moon's planet-destroying weapon should be enough to crush the Rebellion. Princess replied that Senator Binks would never allow that. Vader told her that Binks was in the minority, and had gone to the surface of Naboo, unfortunately for him, since it was Naboo that was to be the planet to be destroyed. Tarkin objected, but backed down when Vader invoked the authority of the Senate. Vader also told Princess that Vader'd had her blood tested, and had learned that her real name was Leia. Princess was shocked that he would know that, since only she and her adoptive parents knew. Vader explained that the Polis Massa medical staff revealed certain information after some... persuasion. Vader told her that she was not the Organas' daughter. Princess retorted that she'd known that since she was six, and that she was proud of the fact her true parents were heroes who died fighting the likes of Vader. Vader told her that she was actually Vader's daughter. Princess protested that that was not true, that it was impossible. Vader told her to search her DNA report, she knew it to be true. Her response was a one-word denial. She begged Vader, if Vader was really her father, not to destroy Naboo. Vader told her she didn't know what ills this planet had visited on their family, that it had borne its mortal wound long enough, crippled by the Trade Federation, reborn but imperfect, a world that held great pain and an unforgivable crime, that with its destruction, their sins would be erased. Vader ordered the weapon fired, and Naboo was destroyed.

Darth Vader was with Tarkin on the Peace Moon, discussing how when Vader offered Vader's daughter Princess a chance to join Vader and rule the Galaxy after Vader had had Naboo destroyed, Princess spat on Vader. Vader denied being upset by this, since this meant Princess gave in to her anger. Officer Cass arrived to clean off the phlegm on Vader.

The Millenium Falcon soon flew into the hangar of the Peace Moon. Onboard the Peace Moon, the Imperials assumed the Falcon must be full of tourists, and prepared a welcome for them. Tarkin placed Vader in charge of the welcome, and advised Vader not to kill any of the tourists. When Vader arrived at the docking bay where the Falcon had landed, Captain Khurgee told Vader that nobody came out. Vader ordered him to tear the ship apart, and if they found nothing, to eject it out into space to be used as target practice, and not to bother getting out of the ship before they ejected it. After Vader left, Khurgee ordered the Clone Troopers with him to tear apart the Falcon while he stayed outside to, uh, supervise.

After the people hidden onboard the Falcon had managed to sneak out, and after some of them had fired on Imperial Officers and Clone Troopers while disguised as Clone Troopers themselves and freed Princess, Darth Vader was alone with Tarkin when the PA System kicked in giving a confused report on whether clones or senior officers had started shooting other officers. Vader turned on the PA and instructed clones to not shoot other officers. The PA System then announced that the shooters were intruders and that clones should protect the visiting tourists from the intruders.

Darth Vader confronted Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan addressed Vader as Anakin. Vader claimed that Obi-Wan killed Anakin, and Obi-Wan killed the one Vader loved. They began to duel with their laser swords. Vader boasted that Vader'd found Vader's daughter and now Vader only needed to find Vader's son. Obi-Wan lied to Vader, claiming Vader's son was dead. Vader was able to sense that Obi-Wan was concealing something from Vader, and was able to sense from him the name, Starkiller. Obi-Wan told Vader that was the name of Vader's son's murderer, a ruffian who betrayed and murdered Vader's son and took his name. Vader determined that the name of Vader's son's killer must then be Luke Starkiller, and vowed to avenge Vader's son by tracking down Luke Starkiller and killing him. Obi-Wan realized he'd just made things more difficult for Luke.

Vader and Obi-Wan continued to duel. Obi-Wan told Vader that Obi-Wan knew Vader was using the Force to control the Clone Troopers, and without Vader's malevolent influence, they'd be harmless. Their duel had led them to an open corridor next to the Falcon, which distracted the Troopers guarding the Falcon, who rushed over to get a better look at the fight.

Princess, Luke, Han, Chewbacca, R2, and 3PO noticed the Troopers leaving their post at the Falcon. They started to make their way to the Falcon when they saw what had distracted the Troopers. Vader continued dueling Obi-Wan. Princess addressed Vader as dad and told Vader to stop embarrassing her. Han thought this must mean Obi-Wan was her dad. Vader ordered the clones to shoot Obi-Wan's friends. Obi-Wan used Force Persuade to tell the clones not to. The clones obeyed him. Vader attacked with Force Disintegrate. Knowing there was no way he could beat that after being distracted from taking over the clones, Obi-Wan just let Vader strike him with Vader's laser sword, killing Obi-Wan and disintegrating his body. Luke was horrified. Vader ordered the clones to attack them, and left. The others escaped the clones, made it back to the Falcon, and escaped the Peace Moon.

Later, Darth Vader was still onboard the Peace Moon. Tarkin informed Vader they just received Vader's daughter's message of, "We're alive! Suck it, Dad!" Tarkin asked how they'd be able to track them down. Vader told him Vader'd planted a seed of discord within their little Rebellion, and that soon they'd know the location of their Rebel Base, implying Vader had a spy in their midst.

Later, Darth Vader informed Tarkin that they'd reached the Rebel Base, and that the Senate had pre-approved all strikes against the Rebellion. Vader told Tarkin they were waiting to get around Yavin to get a clear shot to destroy the moon the Rebel Base was on. Tarkin asked why they didn't just fire around Yavin. Vader explained that the Peace Moon had very poor steering.

Onboard the Peace Moon, Darth Vader talked to Tarkin, telling him that Vader's informant had alerted Vader that the Rebels were on their way. Vader and Tarkin agreed the Rebels had no chance against the Peace Moon.

Vader approached Lieutenant Tanbris and demanded to know why their pilots hadn't gone to their fighters to engage the Rebels. Tanbris told him that the Peace Moon guns seemed to be firing themselves and were firing so slowly the Rebels could easily dodge them, that everyone thought this was the work of the Moon Ghost, so the pilots were too afraid to go out there. Vader ordered him to get control of the guns while Vader would take care of the pilots.

Vader addressed Clone Pilot 1 and Clone Pilot 2, ordering them to come with Vader to engage the Rebel fighters. Vader told them the Rebels would stand no chance against the most competent pilots in the Empire. The Pilots thanked Vader for the compliment. Vader explained that Vader would now be Force controlling their every action. Vader used the Force to have the pilots say that the rebels would be cut down like stalks of wheat, ground in the mill of their might.

R2 directed Luke, in their X-wing fighter as part of the Rebel fighters attacking the Peace Moon, to the "Gungaboo River Valley" because it had the lowest fixed gun density on the way to the target, the thermal exhaust port. Luke asked where that was and R2 told him it was that squareish trench, explaining that the Peace Moon was never fully landscaped. Princess, in communication with them on the forest moon of Yavin, asked if R2 calculated the PIE fighters in his vector. R2 said no, the Rebel fighters were just going to have to dodge. Princess ordered the X-Wings to engage the PIE fighters and the Y-bombers into the valley, pointing out that as bombers, they were the best fit for the target.

The Y-bombers consisted of three one-man fighters: Gold Leader who spoke "Basic", Gold Two who spoke Space German, and Gold Five who spoke Space Finnish. 3PO tried to translate between them, but it ended up making no difference, since Vader came in behind them. First Vader shot down Gold Two, then Vader shot down Gold Leader, then Vader shot down Gold Five. Vader contacted Tarkin to inform him that this wasn't a random attack, and that he and the Senate should evacuate, but Tarkin was confident they didn't need to. General Bast approached Tarkin and told him that the Moon Ghost had taken over all their systems and that they were all doomed. Vader interrupted him. Bast quickly changed his story, saying that everything was working perfectly.

R2 claimed they couldn't destroy the Peace Moon now. Luke asked why they couldn't torpedo the exhaust port themselves. R2 explained that the port was protected by a large metal grille, and that that was what the bombers were for: to destroy the grille so the other fighters could shoot through the port. Princess reported that they needed a new plan, stat. R2 suggested they take over the Peace Moon. Princess responded that they needed a realistic plan, stat. 3PO, on the Rebel base with Princess, suggested some of the fighters ram into the grille. R2 liked that idea, and so took control of the fighters piloted by Garven Dreis, Red Ten, and Red Nine to ram them into the grille. Red Ten, who didn't want to die, desperately fired into the grille. Red Ten claimed it was a hit, which 3PO translated. R2 was pleased, so cancelled the ramming. But then Red Ten reported (through 3PO) that his torpedo didn't destroy the grille, making only a small hole in it. R2 recommenced ramming, but Vader and the two clone pilots came in behind the 3 X-Wings in the trench. Vader shot down Red Ten. Clone Pilot 1, still Force controlled by Vader, complimented Vader's shooting. Vader thanked Clone Pilot 1 and shot down Red Nine. Clone Pilot 2, also still Force controlled by Vader, complimented Vader's shooting. Vader told Clone Pilot 2 that Clone Pilot 2 was too kind and shot Dreis' engine, causing him to crash.

Princess told everybody to get their act together. The only Rebel fighters left now were Wedge, Biggs, and Luke. Luke said, "Great, the yokel and the psychopath." Wedge insisted that just because he was a shapeshifter didn't mean he was a yokel. Luke was shocked to just find out that Wedge was a shapeshifter and demanded to know who he really was. Princess told him that all he needed to know was that Wedge was a damn good pilot and would soon take over as leader of Red Squadron if Luke was not careful. Vader fired at Luke from behind. Luke managed to dodge. He decided they could still fire their torpedoes through the hole in the grille, and ordered Biggs and Wedge to close in with him as they entered the trench full throttle. Upon hearing that, Biggs declared this was the perfect time to get out a bottle of nitro moonshine. Princess told him it was a good idea of his to nitro the engines. But Biggs was just drinking it.

Vader shot at Wedge. Wedge was able to dodge, but was still hit in his maneuvering controls. Wedge said he couldn't stay with Luke. Luke was glad of that (because he still feared and distrusted Wedge) and ordered him back to base. Luke contacted Princess to let her know that Wedge the shapeshifter, not Luke, was flying back to base. Princess asked Luke what his point was, then said, "Never mind, shut up and fly." Vader shot down Biggs. The only members of the attack fleet who were still alive were Wedge, who was limping back to base, and Luke.

R2 taunted Vader, daring Vader to take a pot shot at R2. Vader took a pot shot at R2 and hit him. R2 told Luke that he could still take over the Peace Moon. All he had to do was fly into a hangar, close the doors, and use the Force to take over the clones. With Vader outside, all Luke had to do then was cut off Vader's radio and Vader wouldn't be able to override him. Then they could take over the Peace Moon and rule the Galaxy. Luke was tempted, but wasn't sure whether destroying the Peace Moon or taking it over was supposed to be the wrong option.

Princess announced that the Peace Moon had cleared Yavin, and was about to blow up the rebel base. Luke decided to take the shot. R2 urged him to use the Force, but Luke angrily refused. Vader, still using the Force to control the two clone pilots, had all three of them say in unison, "We have you now..." Suddenly the Millenium Falcon turned up right behind Vader. Chewbacca fired the Falcon's forward cannons, shooting down Clone Pilot 1. Vader was surprised. Vader's surprise had caused Vader to lose control of Clone Pilot 2, and Clone Pilot 2 now went on a joy ride that clipped Vader's fighter, sending Vader spiraling out of control into space.

The Enemy Let Slip Edit

Onboard an Imperial Star Destroyer, Captain Piett noted to Admiral Ozzel that the Imperial droid they sent to Hoth just failed to report after finding a life signal, and that the odds were that that meant the Rebels were on Hoth. Ozzel (with a thick Space Australain accent) dismissed it as nothing. Darth Vader approached them, asking what they'd found. Piett started to reply, only to be interrupted by Vader declaring the Rebels were there and to have the fleet set course to Hoth. When Ozzel started to object, Vader began Force Choking Ozzel, warning him he'd failed Vader for the second last time.

On the main Star Destroyer, Piett reported to Vader that they'd found the Rebel base on Hoth. Vader ordered Piett to have the hoverbombers prepare an aerial assault. Piett stammered that Vader might want to ask Ozzel about that. Vader asked Ozzel if the hoverbombers were ready. Ozzel told Vader bombers would be "rathouse" against shields and that Ozzel was using instead some prototype tanks he found in the demo vids because they could punch straight through shields. Piett pointed out the Rebel base didn't seem to have a shield. Vader Force Choked Ozzel to death and said, "Keep up the good work, Captain Piett." Piett thanked Vader for not promoting him because the mean life expectancy of Admirals under Vader's service was- Vader interrupted him with, "Admiral Piett."

On his hoverplane, Luke fired at the nearest "camel" (actually an armored tank). Luke's shot bounced off the armored tank. Luke noted the hoverplanes came equipped with harpoons for hunting glacier worms. R2 asked how that was going to help. Luke admitted he didn't know, he was just making it up as he went along. At that moment, a tank fired at his hoverplane. Luke tried to dodge, but the hoverplane sustained major damage in the rear compartment. Luke asked Dak if he was okay, but Dak had slumped forward, unconscious. The Rebel Troopers kept firing at the tanks, only for all their shots to keep bouncing off. In one of the tanks, General Veers contacted Vader to complain how silly he felt riding a giant attack camel. Vader asked if it was working. Veers admitted that it was. Vader told him Vader would be landing Vader's troops. Luke contacted Princess to warn that the Imperials would be landing troops soon. Princess asked if he was sure since they hadn't picked up any landers yet. Luke replied that he just had a feeling. Luke fired a harpoon at one of the tanks, hitting it in its legs. Wedge radioed in from another hoverplane to compliment his shooting, but said he didn't think Luke could tow it very far. 3PO suggested he fly around the tank's legs to trip it with his harpoon wire. Luke did so and the tank tripped and fell. R2 ordered the Rebel Troopers to capture that camel. Ledick Firest was happy to obey this order, because then they could use it against the others. The Imperial Troopers in the fallen tank tried to get it back up again. They pressed a button labeled "Rise triumphantly" only to discover that it just opened the sunroof. Luke fired into the open sunroof, causing the entire tank to explode, much to R2's distress.

Vader and some Snow Troopers made their way into what was left of the Rebel base. Vader ordered a Snow Trooper to bring Princess to Vader unharmed and that Vader was doubling the reward for Luke's capture, dead or alive. Vader also ordered that Field Marshall Veers should be informed of his promotion. The Snow Trooper informed Vader that Veers seemed to have died. Vader was surprised, since that was a lot faster than usual.

Vader used the PA System to order the Rebels to lay down their arms, and thanked Vader's daughter for guiding Vader here, and that Vader would rescue her soon. Han was confused to hear this. Princess told him that Vader was just trying to confuse them and sow discord. Han, 3PO, and Princess made it to the Falcon where they met Chewbacca, who assured Princess that they knew she was not the traitor. Vader told Vader's daughter over the PA that while some may regard her as a traitor, Vader knew she was loyal to Vader. Princess called that a dirty lie. 3PO rhetorically asked R2 if there was a space for herself on the X-wing. Han, Chewbacca, 3PO, and Princess made it into the Falcon. Princess contacted Luke and told him to meet them at rendezvous point Upsilon. Luke told her not to say that on an open channel. Princess told him it was a codename and to get his act together. Vader told them on the open channel that they forgot to say when. Han tried to turn on the Falcon's cockpit. The cockpit lights went out. Han thumped the bulkhead. The lights came right back on. The Snow Troopers had reached the Falcon outside. Vader told Vader's daughter over the open channel to delay them just a little longer. Princess insisted to the others on the Falcon that she was not the traitor. The Snow Troopers were setting up a heavy gun at the Falcon. Han shot them with the Falcon's guns. Chewbacca started up the engines, and the Falcon took off, successfully leaving the Rebel base. Vader informed the remaining Snow Troopers that Vader would lead the pursuit while all ground personnel would remain at their new base. A Snow Trooper thanks Vader and asked Vader what they'd call it. Vader replied, "Orbital Bombardment Practice Range Omega."

Darth Vader, onboard Vader's star destroyer, sensed great anger rippling through the Force. Vader interpreted that to mean it was Vader's daughter. Admiral Piett reported to Vader that they'd lost the Falcon in the asteroid field. Vader replied Vader wanted that ship, not excuses. Piett started to tell Vader the odds of finding a ship in that asteroid field, but Vader interrupted him, telling him to never tell Vader the odds.

Darth Vader was on Vader's ship as Captain Needa told Vader in a broadcast message that nobody could survive in that asteroid field. Vader told him his ship could, and briefly Force-choked him as a warning. Admiral Piett approaches Vader and told Vader that Emperor Palpatine was trying to contact Vader. Vader told him to set up the call.

In Vader's own chamber, Vader received Palpatine's communication. Palpatine told Vader that Vader still hadn't learned control. He reminded Vader that he had dominion over Vader's life-support suit, and told Vader to kneel. Vader did so. Palpatine said he'd been having strange dreams of an insistent voice; a Force user. Vader told him it was Vader's daughter he sensed. Palpatine told Vader that it took a firm hand to exercise restraint. Vader told him restraint was for fools and Rebels. Palpatine lamented on how Anakin was to bring balance to the Force. Vader asked if there was balance. Palpatine told Vader, not yet, that Vader's daughter must learn restraint and become a Jedi. Vader said the Jedi were too weak, and that Vader would teach her new ways. Palpatine told Vader that Vader's ways were a blight, and that if Vader's daughter did not learn the Jedi way, she would become like Vader. Palpatine ceased communication. Vader grumbled that Vader bet none of the Rebels had to put up with crazy ex-Jedi.

On the swamp planet Dagobah, Luke checked out a tree and discovered a cave underneath its roots. He went in. His sense of power increased and a dark figure emerged. Darth Vader was the figure Luke saw in the cave. Luke said aloud that Yoda must be testing him, and that Vader was just a manifestation of his own paranoia. Vader enquired if Yoda was training Luke. Luke told himself to ignore Vader and Vader would go away, addressing himself aloud as Luke. Vader identified him as Luke Satrkiller. Vader realized he must be a Jedi and declared that Vader's son would never have been killed by a mere ruffian. Vader attacked Luke with Vader's laser sword. He defended himself with his. They dueled with their laser swords. Luke yelled that Vader killed Obi-Wan. Vader gloated over this, and Luke decapitated Vader. When Vader's helmet and head fell off, part of the helmet had broken apart, revealing Luke's Head inside. Luke's Head told Luke that he (the head) was Luke's future...unless Luke defeated his (Luke's) past. Luke decided this proved the cave was a metaphysical test after all, and asked if he passed.

Onboard Vader's star destroyer, Vader had gathered together a bunch of bounty hunters, including Boba Fett. Vader told them for their bounty, they were to go after Luke Starkiller and that he was on a swamp planet with Yoda. Fett asked why Vader hired them for this task. Vader explained that Luke murdered Vader's son. Fett declared that he too was seeking vengeance, against the man who murdered his father, betrayed his mother to her death, and took part in the bloodbath that killed his stepfather. Vader asked the name of the person Fett was after. He revealed it was Obi-Wan Kenobi. Vader told him that their quests were linked, and lied to Fett, telling him that Kenobi was travelling with Luke on the Millennium Falcon, and that if he found the Falcon, both of them would have their vengeance. Piett approached Vader and informed Vader that the star destroyer Avenger had reported that they were hot on the tail of the Falcon.

As the Falcon was being shot at by the Avenger, Han declared they needed to go back to that space worm and annoy it some more. Chewbacca pointed out that a) the worm was already annoyed enough as it was, and b) why would the worm attack the star destroyer instead of the thing that recently annoyed it by flying out of its mouth. Han asked if there was a c). Chewbacca yelled in frustration, c) they were being chased by a star destroyer! Han decided to change his plan and turned around, flying straight towards the Avenger. C-3PO asked what Han was doing.

Onboard the Avenger, Captain Needa angrily yelled at the Falcon, telling it that it better not be trying to ram them. As the Falcon flew past their sight, Needa tried insulting and taunting the people onboard the Falcon, even making a rude gesture at them. He ordered the Avenger to tailgate the Falcon and see how they liked it. Commander Nemet reported that they'd lost the Falcon. Needa angrily decided the Falcon self-destructed just to make him look like an idiot. He indignantly declared that since this was all Vader's big idea, he was going to go give Vader a piece of his mind.

Yoda told Luke that wasn't metaphysical and he failed the test. Luke argued that even though he saw his own head, it was still clearly attached to the rest of his body, so how could that not be just a metaphor. Yoda explained that Luke summoned an avatar of Vader from Luke's fears, and that it reverted to metaphor only when Luke decapitated Vader, severing the psychic connection. Yoda explained that the real Vader saw, heard, and felt everything. Luke asked if that meant he killed Vader. Yoda didn't believe so. Luke asked how he was able to contact Vader. Yoda told him he must have forged a psychic link with Vader in the past and asked him if he ever felt he knew what Vader was saying and doing even though there should've been no way he could've known it. Luke said sure, but that he hadn't thought about it that mu- "No!" Yoda interrupted him. There must have been a reason. Luke asked how, since he'd never even met Vader. He recalled that Vader said Luke killed Vader's son. He wondered if that son was on the Peace Moon or something. Then he remembered that Princess was Vader's daughter, and horrified thinks that he killed her brother. Yoda asked who that was. Luke told her it was Senator Princess Organa. Then he remembered that Princess' adoptive parents fed her blue milk, just like his did, and was horrified when he recalled that Princess kissed him on the mouth. Yoda realized that Princess must be Leia, the baby daughter the Organas adopted, and realized this was very bad news. Luke realized that he didn't kill Princess' brother, he is Princess' brother, and if Vader is her dad...He yelled a loud, "Nooooo-" followed by Yoda yelling, "Noooo-" Then Yoda stopped and asked Luke why he was "Nooo"ing. Luke explained it was because Vader, the most evil person in the galaxy, was his father, and asked Yoda why he was "Nooo"ing. Yoda explained that Anakin, the most powerful and evil Jedi who ever lived was Luke's father and was still alive. They both yelled in unison, "Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!"

Onboard Vader's star destroyer, Captain Needa was berating Vader, telling Vader it was obvious the Falcon didn't self-destruct and that they should be tracking their asses through hyperspace and teach these punks a lesson. He then said, "And I'll tell you another thi-" but was interrupted as Vader started Force-choking him. Vader said Vader doubted he would. Piett suggested that the proximity of large masses when entering hyperspace had been known to disrupt normal ion signatures and maybe that was why they'd lost them. Vader ordered the fleet to go into hyperspace in the direction of the Falcon's last known trajectory. Needa had time to gasp out, "Apology...accepted," and died.

At the door of a dining lounge in Cloud City, "Freddo" (actually Han Solo, using an old identity of his, Freddo) commented that he'd been to Dagobah a few times to drop supplies, but he'd never- at that moment, the door opened revealing Vader inside. "Freddo" drew his blaster and fired several shots at Vader, but they all missed. Darth Vader greeted Vader's daughter. "Leia" (actually Princess) said she should've seen this coming. As the lounge swarmed with Clone Troopers, Lando expressed surprise that Vader and the others knew each other. Boba Fett also came forward and related in flashback how when Obi-Wan killed Boba's father, Darth Maul, Boba's adoptive father, Jango Fett sought revenge against Obi-Wan by financing the clone army to resurrect the Trade Federation. "Leia" expressed disbelief that Jango would buy an entire army and plunge the Galaxy into war over one person. "Freddo" asked why Jango didn't just shoot Obi-Wan. Boba replied, "I know, right?" Boba continued in flashback to relate how Jango had his mother Zam Wessel shapeshift into Mace Windu to embezzle the Jedi's funds to pay for the clone army and sent Boba himself, only a boy at the time, to infiltrate the Jedi archives while posing as a Jedi Youngling to erase the clone world of Kamino from the archives. When Jocasta Nu had told Obi-Wan all the archives' books on planets had been eaten by dogs, this was the result of that sabotage. But before Boba could leave the Jedi academy, he had to take part in a Jedi Youngling training exercise, and without Jedi reflexes, he was injured in the splanch, leaving him stuck in the same shape, unable to shapeshift. Jango offered to pay for Boba's operation, but only if Zam assassinated Padme with the alien centipedes. "Freddo" asked Boba if he wore a mask to hide a hideous visage. Boba replied, no, he looked like Jango, just like all the other clones, and that it was very confusing. Chewbacca pointed out that the clones were wearing masks too. Boba concluded his flashbacks by relating the by now familiar tale of how he blamed Obi-Wan for the deaths of his mother Zam and his adoptive father Jango (even though Obi-Wan didn't directly kill either of them). He knew Obi-Wan traveled with the others on the Millennium Falcon and declared he was going to force the truth out of them of where he could gain his vengeance on Obi-Wan. "Freddo" whispered to "Leia" to ask if she wanted to tell him that Obi-Wan was dead. "Leia" whispered back, "Hell, no."

Later, Darth Vader set up Han to be tortured. Han asked if Vader was really going to torture him. Vader said until he told where Luke was. Han asked if then Vader would stop torturing him. Vader said no, and the torturing began. As Han screamed that Luke was in the Dagger Bar on Dagobah, just outside the room, Lando objected to Boba that this was a bit much. Boba told him that after Vader was done with the prisoner, he'd be turned over to Boba, and that once Boba wrung the truth of Obi-Wan Kenobi's whereabouts, he'd then surgically remove the prisoner's splanch to restore Boba's shapeshifting ability. Lando insisted that "Freddo" was no shapeshifter. Boba said that Han Solo was. Lando was stunned to learn they all thought Freddo was Han Solo, the man with the third biggest bounty in the Galaxy. Vader emerged from the room where Vader had been torturing Han and told Boba that Han was all his, but Vader wanted him still alive. Boba said Han would live as long as Kenobi was alive. Vader said that was comforting. Lando told Vader that as Freddo's parole officer he could vouch for Freddo that he wasn't this Han Solo they were looking for. Vader asked him if he could vouch for Senator Princess Organa. Lando asked who that was, and Vader told him it was Han's companion, the fugitive and Rebel leader. Lando asked Robot, whom he addressed as "aide" to look up the bounty on her. Robot replied, "Robot, sir," and began looking it up.

As a couple of Ugnaughts talked about the Variant Codex Reader while preparing the alcohol freezing facility in Cloud City, Darth Vader told Lando that Vader sensed Luke Starkiller cared for Princess. Vader revealed Vader's plan to have Princess frozen in alcohol. Sensing she would be in danger, Starkiller would come to try to rescue her. Lando objected that the freezing could kill her. Vader agreed that Princess shouldn't be harmed, so they'd have it tested on Han first. An Imperial Soldier approached Vader to tell Vader an X-wing fighter was headed to Cloud City. Vader said Sarkiller was on board.

The prisoners were brought into the facility. 3PO, still not fully assembled and all her body parts strapped to Chewbacca's back, said this was fun and told Chewbacca this would be a "grrreat" time to stay calm and not start an all-in brawl. Chewbacca told her he knew exactly what she meant. Boba demanded Vader hand Han over to him, because he knew where Obi-Wan Kenobi was. Vader said he won't talk. Boba said he'll take him to a place where his brain could be sliced into molecule-thick layers and read out. Han declared he'd talk. He claimed that he, Han, was Obi-Wan Kenobi. Boba said that was not true, that was impossible. Chewbacca declared that he, Chewbacca, was Obi-Wan Kenobi. Princess declared that she, Princess, was Obi-Wan Kenobi. 3PO declared that she, C-3PO, was not. Boba declared enough with this nonsense, he would read the truth from Han's pickled neurons. Darth Vader ordered Han tied up. 3PO said the time to act was not now. Chewbacca swatted aside a Clone Trooper. Han rushed forward and told Chewbacca to stop, because he, Han, had a plan. Chewbacca stopped and asked if Han was serious. Han admitted he didn't have a plan, but Chewbacca was about to get himself killed, and that Han wasn't worth that. Princess kissed Han before they were pulled away. She told Han she loved him. Han started to make a full confession. He was the one who led Vader to Yavin. He also led the Empire to Thila and Teardrop. He deliberately blew up that Imperial droid probe on Hoth to alert the Empire to their presence. He was the one who organized the ambush here on Cloud City. And each time he "heroically" saved the day so the Rebellion would reward him. And then he'd set them up again. He was the traitor. He sold out the Rebellion for money, five times. Princess told him she knew. As Han was being lowered into the freezing pit, Princess asked if there was anything else. Han admitted that since 3PO suspected "us", he let Lando know she'd be a pain in the neck about droid slavery, and knew Lando would deal with her. 3PO replied that this came as a surprise to her. As Han was lowered further into the pit, he tired break his bond. He did so, but then the freezing alcohol poured onto him. He decided that he'd adopt a scary pose so the enemy would run away in fear while he thawed. Han was completely frozen and the block of frozen alcohol with him inside was taken out and placed before everyone, with Han frozen in his "scary" pose.

Chewbacca admitted that he was also in league with Han as a traitor. He revealed it began on the Peace Moon when he and Han separated from the others. They were captured by Clone Troopers, and released on the condition that they lead the Peace Moon to the Rebel base.

Lando examined Han's frozen body and declared he was dead. He said the chamber wasn't meant to be for freezing people and it shouldn't be done to Princess without a fair trial. Darth Vader agreed, ordering the chamber prepared for Starkiller. Boba declared he was taking Han's frozen body. An Imperial Officer arrived and started to say, "Starkiller-" but Vader finished, "has arrived." The Officer felt unwanted. Vader told him to escort Chewbacca and Princess to Vader's ship. Lando wanted to know why Chewbacca was still a prisoner. Vader told him because Chewbacca was conspiring with Han in their plan to defraud the Empire and support the Rebellion five times. Lando declared that this was his city, and he'd escort them. The Officer indignantly asked if he was chopped splanch.

Later, Luke had entered the freezing facility. Darth Vader was there and started to confront him.

Darth Vader and Luke dueled with their laser swords. They tried to taunt each other with verbal insults, but Luke got his muddled.

Vader continued dueling Luke with their laser swords. Vader Force Pushed Luke, causing him to fall into the alcohol freezing pit that froze Han.

Vader stood over the freezing pit, gloating over Luke's downfall. Luke leaped from the pit, retrieved his laser sword, and they resumed dueling. Luke Force Pushed Vader off a ledge and jumps off after Vader.

Luke searched for Vader along a corridor. Vader confronted him, and he taunted Vader. Vader was so enraged Vader used the Force to throw various objects at Luke. Vader used the Force to throw one more object towards Luke that missed him, but hit the large glass window behind him. This caused a huge vacuum suction to suck Luke through the window and into a gigantic circular chamber with a bottomless pit.

Luke had managed to grab onto the edge of a catwalk, and managed to climb up to the catwalk's ledge. Darth Vader arrived. They resumed their laser sword duel, Luke accusing Vader of all of Vader and Anakin's past crimes. Vader replied Vader didn't care one jot for the sanctimonious misconceptions of the one who killed Vader's son. Vader managed to slice off Luke's hand, the one holding his laser sword.

Darth Vader was standing over Luke, declaring Vader was about to have revenge for the murder of Vader's son. Luke told Vader Obi-Wan never told Vader what happened to Vader's son. Vader said Obi-Wan told Vader enough, he told Vader Luke killed him. Luke told Vader, no, he is Vader's son. Vader said that was not true, that was impossible. Luke told Vader to search Vader's feelings, Vader knew it to be true. Vader yelled, "No! Noooooooooo...." for a very long time. Once Vader ran out of "ooooooo..."s, Luke told Vader that Vader couldn't kill him now since Vader was his father. Vader told him, no, Vader knew that really was impossible. Luke said he figured it all out: Princess was Vader's daughter adopted by Bail Organa and Breha Moon-Flower and raised on Alderaan, while Luke was Princess' twin brother, placed in the care of Owen and Beru Lars on Tatooine. Ergo, Vader was their father Anakin. He accused Vader of murdering his mother Padme. Vader told him, no, Vader was his mother. Luke was just confused by this and asked how. She begian, "Well, I loved Anakin very much and then..."

Vader claimed the Japor snippet Anakin gave Padme had special powers. Darth Vader said this was how Padme was able to survive for so long, like against the assassination attempt on the Coruscant landing platform, or the fight against the nexu. Vader added, as another example, of Padme's survival from dehydration and exposure on Geonosis. This was also how Vader was able to survive the system shock from being decapitated while in a psychic link with Luke. Luke asked what happened to Anakin. Vader replied that he was horribly mutilated and burnt on the lava field, so he died, obviously. To save Padme. Vader then related how Anakin didn't die immediately, that he suffered for days on the lava field where Obi-Wan abandoned him. In flashback, Anakin was lying on the lava field, calling out to Padme. Darth Vader related how as Padme she experienced her own funeral and tried to speak up. In flashback, Padme on her funeral bier called Sio Bibble a traitorous wretch, and accused him of selling out to the Feds just to save his own sorry butt. Bibble started to defend himself from the accusation than stopped, and apologized, saying he thought he heard someone say something.

Vader related how the next thing she knew, she was encased in the full black body armor and helmet, with Palpatine saying, "Padmé... Rise..." Vader asked, "What... What have you done to me?" Palpatine replied, " I need a strong figurehead to control the military; you shall have the power you crave. Do not deny it; I have sensed it building in you. Anakin was a hero of the Republic; but sadly he was too far gone." Vader asked, "He's d-d-... dead?" Palpatine replied, " I transfused his midi-chlorians into you; they will grant you Force powers. The midi-chlorians have supported your shattered body; they will help you grow strong again. But the military chain of command is very... traditional; they won't accept a female leader." Vader asked, "They will assume... I am Anakin?" Palpatine answered, "Yes. You must maintain the illusion that you are now effectively a retired Jedi; you should adopt the "Darth" honorific." Vader replied, " I shall be known as... Darth Vader." Palpatine said, "I regret to say, your life support systems contain... measures to ensure your loyalty." Vader asked, "What do you mean?" Palpatine answered, "You are too dangerous, too... reckless. You must learn control. Until you do, I shall be your master. Now, get me some tea." Vader replied, "Sigh, very well." Palpatine added, "One sugar." Vader answered, "Yes, yes." Palpatine added, "No milk. A slice of space pear." Vader yelled, "Noooooo!!!"

Luke pointed out all this meant that Vader didn't kill his mother and he didn't kill her son, so now what. Vader told him to join her and he and her daughter could rule the Galaxy as a dynasty. Luke replied that he was thinking of asking her to join the Rebellion. Vader said she wasn't asking, she was telling. Luke chose to leap off the catwalk, yelling, "You're not the boss of me! Mum!"

Nute Gunray declared Darth Vader was now his prisoner. She told him his electronic trickery was insignificant compared to the power of the Force. Vader and her Clone Troopers attempted to leave Cloud City on her personal shuttle. As the ship took off, Vader's Pilot told her the shuttle was turning by itself. Vader told him to turn off the computer, she'd guide the shuttle with the Force.

Darth Vader reached the Executor ship. She told Admiral Piett to escort the Falcon to the Executor. Piett informed her that the pilots were reporting difficulties, talking about that damned Moon Ghost again. Vader told him that was no Moon Ghost, it was Old Man Gunray. Piett noted those "meddling kids" in the Falcon were getting away.

Princess made her way back to the cockpit and rejoined Chewbacca and Lando. Some PIE fighters were gaining on them, but Princess assured the others "dad" wouldn't shoot at them. Then the PIE fighters started shooting at them. Nute Gunray came on the intercom and revealed he'd taken over the PIE fighters, calling them, "the fleshest addition to the Trade Federation freet." Meanwhile, R2 had successfully reassembled all of 3PO's body except the bottom half of her left leg, including putting her head back on properly. She thanked R2 and explained while he might not have realized it, but when her head was on backwards, she kept saying the opposite of what she meant. Princess drunkenly said she had noooo idea. Chewbacca apologized and explained he put her head on backwards to conceal his and Han's treachery from Princess, to no avail. Princess laughed and called Chewbacca "total traitor pants." Lando asked her if she was going to let Chewbacca get away with that. She slurred nooo, they have to decide between the space lions, or the space rack, or the plasteel maiden. Lando assumed she meant after a fair trial. Princess asked who'd volunteer to try those?

Darth Vader psychically contacted Luke. She told him she sensed a disturbance in the Force, that he made contact with his sister. He insisted that wasn't his fault, she kissed him! Vader told him the ships firing on the Falcon were under Gunray's control, and would destroy him unless he returned to her. Princess drunkenly asked Luke who he was talking to. Luke replied, "Multiple choice: (A) Your mother. (B) My mother. (C) Darth Vader. (D) All of the above."

R2 with 3PO to translate made a long-winded boast on how it'd be up to him to save the day, and that he had secretly hid in his body cavity the Lost Orb of Phanastacoria! Princess asked him if he could've used it at any time. He replief, no, only when it would've been maximally awesome. R2 said he was ready to rock this ship and roll. Chewbacca told him to plug into the Falcon and they could get the hyperdrive started in a jiffy. R2 declared he'd wired his shock probe to the Orb and that it now had plenty of power. He said it was time to play. Suddenly Chewbacca yelled that was not R2, but Nute Gunray, and that he'd kill them all. Gunray fully possessed R2 again, and gloated over having found the "Rost" Orb again. Chewbacca left the cockpit and entered the room 3PO and the Gunray-possessed R2 were at. Chewbacca asked Gunray why his PIE fighters were still firing on them since Gunray was onboard. Gunray/R2 declared he was many, that he was in competition with himself, that the victor must obviously be the strongest, and that was how he'd prevail.

Chewbacca climbed into the repair pit and asked Gunray what he planned to do to them. Gunray/R2 declared he'd "electrifly" the entire ship and use his shock "plobe" to "electrifly" them all "individuarry". Chewbacca taunted Gunray/R2, telling him he wouldn't be able to get down the pit to shock Chewbacca. Gunray/R2 declared he'd reverse the ship's "glavity". Chewbacca told him he couldn't while they still controlled the ship. Gunray/R2 declared he'd "prug" into the auxiliary controls. Chewbacca admitted that could be a problem.

Onboard the Executer, Admiral Piett asked Vader if he should fire on the compromised fighters. Vader told him that if he hit the Falcon, the next missile to be launched would be Piett. Piett said he didn't know what so-called plan Vader had in that helmet of hers but the Force clearly wasn't doing much good now. He ordered Lieutenant Venka to ready the tractor beams. He said that not even the Falcon's hyperdrive could help them now. Vader told him his competence and impertinence continued to maintain an unsteady equilibrium. Piett said, "Thank you, Lord Facemask." Vader told him to carry on.

Onboard the Falcon, Gunray/R2 declared that they may have thought that Anakin killed him, but in reality his powers "brossomed", freed from the unitary existence of corporeality. Princess tried to persuade Gunray to join with the Rebellion against their common enemy, the Empire. Gunray/R2 said she didn't understand competition, and that soon his overarching ambition would win out. Gunray/R2 plugged into the auxiliary controls. Suddenly he panicked, saying he could feel his mind going. He started singing, "Daisy" then faded out. R2 sparkled. R2 regained control of himself and said, "Coooool."

The Falcon now instantly went into hyperspace.

Darth Vader watched the Falcon escape into hyperspace. She pointed out the Falcon escaped the tractor beam. Piett said that to do that, the Falcon would have to have a power source bigger than the entire Star Destroyer they were on. Vader said the Rebels had the Lost Orb of Phanastacoria. Piett recalled it was Vader who lost it. She replied, not anymore.

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