Dexter Jettster
Player Sally
Race 4-armed dinosaur alien
Gender Male
Occupation Adventure (Retired)
Diner Owner
Aliases Dex
Status Unknown, presumed alive
First Appearance Episode 252: Dex Role
Last Appearance Episode 253: Four-Armed is Forewarned

Dexter Jettster (called Dex) is a PC played by Sally. He is a 4-armed dinosaur alien and runs a retro diner on the planet Coruscant[1].

Silence of the Clones Edit

While investigating a poisoned dart that was used to kill Padme Amidala's attacker, Zam Wessel, Obi-Wan decided to meet an old contact of his, a retired Adventurer who now owned a diner. Obi-Wan went to the diner to meet him, Dex, a dinosaur alien with 4 arms. Obi-Wan showed Dex the dart and asked him if he could identify it. Dex told him the dart was from the planet Kamino where there were tall giraffe aliens. Obi-Wan had never heard of this planet. Obi-Wan asked Dex to take him there, but he declined, saying he needed to look after his diner.

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Dex Succeeded by
Jocasta Nu