Dofine is an NPC, an assistant to Nute Gunray. Like Gunray, he speaks with a thick Space Japanese accent.

The Phantasmal Malevolence Edit

When Nute Gunray contacted Senator Palpatine to accuse the Jedi he had sent to negotiate with the Trade Federation over their blockade of Naboo of being spies, Palpatine told him that if they were spies, they'd be searching their base. At that moment, Dofine reported that the Jedi were searching the room they were in. This convinced Gunray they were spies, and he ordered for the Jedi to be attacked.

Revelation of the Sith Edit

As punishment for the failure of the Trade Federation's first invasion of Naboo, Dofine was assigned by Nute Gunray to work for Valorum/General Grievous, piloting his dreadnought when Grievous was ordered to capture Count Dooku. Under Grievous' orders, Dofine rammed their dreadnought into Dooku's dreadnought just as it was leaving Coruscant with a kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine. Grievous, Dofine, and the others present with them all boarded Dooku's dreadnought. After Obi-Wan, Anakin, and R2-D2 had freed Palpatine (and after Anakin had murdered Dooku), all four were captured by Grievous' Combat Cyborgs and brought before Grievous. Dofine was present for this encounter, and when Obi-Wan and Anakin fought back, killing Grievous' Combat Cyborgs and Magnaguards and Grievous escaped by crashing through a main portal, Dofine and the other Separatists with him managed to escape by using the escape pods on Dooku's dreadnought to abandon ship.

NOTE: In The Phantom Menace, Dofine was onboard the Trade Federation orbital hq when Anakin destroyed it, killing everyone onboard including Dofine. Since the Comic Irregulars have retconned that death by identifying Dofine as one of the Trade Federation aliens with Grievous in Episode III, there's actually no reason to assume Dofine was killed along with the other Separatist leaders by Anakin at the end of Episode III. There's actually a chance that Dofine is still alive in the present campaigns.