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Episodes 64-69, 6 episodes

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Jim decides not to attack Watto, because he thinks PCs shouldn't attack shopkeepers. He decides he and the others should just leave. Jim contacts Ben at the ship and asks if the Queen's dresses are worth selling for the cost of the weapons. Ben says they're not, and makes the offhand comment that even the ship itself is barely worth the price of the weapons. This gives Jim the bright idea to sell the ship to buy the weapons...the weapons that were supposed to be bought to equip the ship.

Jim, Sally, Pete, and Padme are walking through a marketplace. Sally decides Jar Jar Binks would be hungry, and snags a frog she sees hung up at a food stall. When the Alien Food Stall Owner objects, Sally spits out the frog in her mouth, which lands into Sebulba's stew. Sebulba is angry and mean, and he grabs Sally by the throat. Jim declares he'll draw his laser sword. Since that would expose Jim as a Jedi, and The GM had already established that there's a bounty for Jedi on Tatoonine, the GM decides to prevent Jim from making such a stupid move by having Anakin show up and calm down Sebulba, by speaking to him in an alien language. This somehow convinces Jim that Anakin has mob connections.

Ben asks if there's anything for him to do at the ship. The GM proudly announces that he just bought a Giant Sand Creatures book and he'll roll for a Random Encounter. He rolls and the result is a sandstorm. The GM is disappointed and offers to roll again for an actual Sand Creature, but Ben treats the sandstorm as a major crisis. He declares it's huge and it's heading towards the town. Pete panics, because a sandstorm would be especially bad for his robot character. Ben sarcastically hints that that's the real reason he treated the sandstorm as a major crisis instead of letting the GM roll again.

Sally suggests that Anakin will give them shelter at his home. The GM is doubtful Anakin would do this, but Jim points out that Anakin just helped Sally, so that should indicate that he has a positive Reaction Rating towards the players. The GM goes along with that and has Anakin take them to his home, sheltering them from the storm.

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