General Tagge was an NPC, an Imperial officer onboard the Peace Moon.

A New Generation Edit

Onboard the Peace Moon there was a general staff meeting that included Tarkin, Darth Vader, Admiral Motti, and General Tagge. Tagge was a bit worried since the Senate had now come onboard to take charge of their "Goodwill Inspection Tour". Motti complained that the Peace Moon would've been completed a lot sooner if Vader hadn't Force-choked half the workforce to death. Vader began Force-choking Motti, and declared that gave Vader a good idea: from now on Vader'd Force-choke all the workforce half to death. Vader then released Motti.

Later, Darth Vader, Tarkin, and General Tagge discussed the fact that the Senate was meeting in closed session. Tagge kept changing the opinions he was voicing about the Senate, clearly terrified of offending Vader, who kept saying conflicting things of Vader's own about the Senate.

Later, General Tagge was killed along with everyone else onboard the Peace Moon when Luke blew it up.