Lama Su is an NPC, a giraffe alien who's the Prime Minister of the planet Kamino because he has a longer neck than Taun We.

Silence of the Clones Edit

When Obi-Wan arrived on Kamino to investigate a poisoned dart that came from there, Taun We took him to Lama Su. Obi-Wan showed him the dart. Lama Su acknowledged that they made poison darts there, but that it was just a minor side venture to their main project of manufacturing a clone army for the Jedi Council. Since this was the first Obi-Wan had heard of this, he was flabbergasted.

Lama Su showed Obi-Wan around the place where the clone army was being made and kept. Lama Su commented on what a fine specimen the Jedi sent to clone the army from. Obi-Wan asked the "speciman's" name, and was told it was Jango Fett. Obi-Wan asked to see him. Lama Su was about to decline, but Taun We interrupted and volunteered to take Obi-Wan to him.