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Pete is one of the Darths and Droids players who enjoys the game for the chance to do insanely dangerous things and to argue his way out of trouble using logic and the finer points of the game rules.

He is rather oblivious to the feelings of others and will often be insulting without even realising it. He will also occasionally sulk if things don't go his way.

As a "munchkin" type player, his main interest is in beating the game. To this end he'll take full advantage of the character creation system and Min-Max[1] - creating unbalanced characters by reducing unneeded skills in order to maximise useful skills - in order to maximise the loot and points that can be scored.

Pete has been role playing for a long time and has an impressive collection of dice, including titanium binary ones for robot characters[2].

He is highly capable with technology, and can program simple applications for his PDA in a few minutes.[3]

Game HistoryEdit

Pete was introduced to the game by Jim and joined in the third session of The Phanstasmal Malevolence[4]

The Phanstasmal MalevolenceEdit

Pete designed a character to maximise all the skills he thought would come in most useful in a space game, at the cost of being a short, squat robot with no arms that communicated in beeps. Since the players rarely spoke in character he felt this would not be a major inhibition to his game, although the other players will force him to stick to this rule if he starts to become too annoying.

The Silence of the ClonesEdit

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Revelation of the SithEdit

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A New GenerationEdit

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Other CampaignsEdit

Fantasy CampaignEdit

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Annie's CampaignEdit

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Jim's CampaignEdit

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Personal LifeEdit

Pete originally worked in IT, but by Episode VI he had changed careers to become a criminal defence lawyer.

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