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Episodes 410-412, 3 episodes

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Episode # 410 details The GM's notes for the fantasy campaign he played with Jim, Ben, and Pete. (It's The Princess Bride.)

Episode # 411 replays the scene where Ben has contacted the players and the Jedi Council from Geonosis reporting on the clone army. In this episode the players speculate that because this campaign has both clones and shapeshifters, anybody they meet could be a shapeshifter clone. This causes practically the entire Jedi Council and Senators hearing Ben's message to admit that they're all shapeshifter clones.

Episode # 412 replays the scene where Count Dooku confronts Ben while Ben is trapped in the energy matrix. In this episode, Ben is distracted because he recognizes the miniature figurine the GM's using to represent Dooku as the same figurine that was used to represent a minor boss evil wizard in a fantasy campaign Ben had played years earlier (a reference to the fact that Count Dooku was played by Christopher Lee, the same actor who played Saruman in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy).

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