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Qui-Gon Jinn was a character played by Jim. He was supposed to be a wise Jedi, but he usually came across as a stab-happy idiot with a short attention span and ludicrous plans due to Jim's playstyle.

The Phantasmal Malevolence Edit

Qui-Gon and his pupil Obi-Wan were sent by Chancellor Valorum to negotiate with the Trade Federation over their blockade of the planet Naboo. They were left in a room on the Feds' main ship, waiting for negotiations to begin. Qui-Gon began searching the room for anything valuable, when the Feds attacked the Jedi with poison gas and a squadron of attack droids. Using their laser swords to deflect the droids' blaster rays back at them, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan destroyed the entire squadron. Qui-Gon took the droids' blasters, intending to sell them later. When another squad of attack droids arrived with shields that could deflect blaster rays and laser swords, Gui-Gon and Obi-Wan retreated by escaping into a ventilation shaft. Reaching a hangar that was about to launch a full scale invasion of Naboo, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan each snuck into a troop carrier as it took off and landed on Naboo. Qui-Gon made his way out of the carrier into a forest where he found himself caught in the middle of a native animal stampede.

In the midst of the stampede, Qui-Gon spotted a Gungan, Jar Jar Binks, about to be trampled. Qui-Gon tackled Jar Jar, protecting him from the stampede. After the stampede passed, they ran into Obi-Wan, who was being pursued by a hoverbike piloted by Federation droids. Qui-Gon deflected a blast from the hoverbike back at it with his laser sword, destroying the bike and it's droids. Jar Jar offered to take the Jedi to his underwater home city of Otoh Gunga. Luckily, Qui-Gon had already purchased 2 underwater extraction aparatus and gave one to Obi-Wan, so they were able to follow Jar Jar to Otoh Gunga underwater.

When they reached Otoh Gunga, they were promptly arrested by Captain Tarpals because humans weren't allowed in the city, and were taken to the Gungans' leader, Boss Nass. Nass offered to free them if they agreed to help Jar Jar find the Lost Orb of Phanastacoria. Qui-Gon used the Force Ability Suggestion on Nass to give them a bongo so they could sail underwater to the Naboo capital of Theed.

When the bongo reached the surface at Theed, it was heading towards a waterfall. Qui-Gon used his rope and grappling hook to get the three safely ashore. Theed was already overrun by the Feds' droids. Jar Jar led them to the inner courtyard of the palace, where the Jedi rescued Queen Amidala and her entourage (including her advisor Sio Bibble, her bodygaurd Panaka, and a group of handmaidens) from a squad of droids that had taken them prisoner. Qui-Gon distrusted Bibble because of his goatee and used his Force Ability Suggestion on him to demand where the Lost Orb was. Under this Force Ability, Bibble revealed that Senator Palpatine on the planet Coruscant had information on the Orb. The Jedi wanted to go to Coruscant, but the Queen wanted them to liberate Naboo, so Qui-Gon offered her a chance to go with them to Coruscant. Panaka insisted on going with his queen, so Qui-Gon agreed to take along her entourage, but stopped short of including Bibble, whom he still distrusted.

The Jedi, Jar Jar, the Queen, and her entourage made their way to the palace hangar, which had been taken over by Federation Droids, who had taken the pilots there captive. Qui-Gon attempted to bluff his way past the droids. When that didn't work, he and Obi-Wan defeated the droids in mortal combat. They were than all able to escape on the royal barge and flew into orbit, trying to get past the Federation blockade.

As the royal barge tried to fly through the Federation blockade, the Feds opened fire on the ship, severely damaging it's shield generator. One more hit would've been enough to destroy the ship. R2-D2 volunteered to go out on the hull to fix the damage. There were a few other astromech droids on the hull working on it, but they were blasted away by the Feds firing on them. R2 was able to fix the generator, restoring the shields, and the ship was able to fly through the blockade to safety.

Ric Olie reproted the ship was 23% damaged, but should be able to make it to Coruscant. Obi-Wan thought they should stop at the nearest planet for repairs. Qui-Gon agreed, and also wanted to add weapons to the ship, in case the Feds pursued. They headed to the nearest planet, Tatooine, a desert wasteland ruled by gangsters.

The Queen sent for Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and R2 to thank them for saving the ship. Obi-Wan tried to talk her into landing on Tatooine for repairs. The Queen allowed them one day on Tatooine to get the repairs and weapons they wanted. R2 demanded, in exchange for saving the ship, that the Queen have her most beautiful handmaiden polish him. The Queen acceeded to R2's request by sending him her handmaiden, Padmé.

When the ship landed outside a major city on Tatooine, Obi-Wan decided to stay on the ship feeling the need to proctect the Queen from any encounter they might have with sand creatures.

As Qui-Gon, Jar Jar, and R2 left the ship, Panaka told them the Queen had ordered them to take Padme with them to learn more about the planet. When they entered the city, Qui-Gon started randomly asking people about where to find weapons and the Lost Orb, while Jar Jar asked Padme if she'd ever met Palpatine. She admited she had. Jar Jar asked her if Palpatine had ever mentioned the Orb to her. Padme replied, yes, that Palpatine thought the Feds had stolen it. Qui-Gon finally found a repair shop.

They entered the shop and met the owner,Watto, a small blue creature with wings and a snout for a nose. As Qui-Gon tried to specify what they wanted from Watto, the shopkeeper's assistant walked in, a boy named Anakin. Qui-Gon tried to trade the blasters he collected from the Attack Droids for the weapons and repairs they wanted, but Watto replied the blasters weren't worth as much as the new weapons he'd be making for the ship. Qui-Gon tried to use Suggestion on Watto to accept one blaster for the repairs and weapons, but it didn't work on Watto's species. Watto asked if Qui-Gon was a Jedi, since there was a rich bounty to be had on Tatooine for capturing Jedi. R2 advised Qui-Gon that he should just attack Watto.

Qui-Gon decided not to attack Watto, and that he and the others should just leave. Qui-Gon contacted Obi-Wan at the ship and asked if the Queen's dresses were worth selling for the cost of the weapons. Obi-Wan replied that they weren't, and made the offhand comment that even the ship itself was barely worth the price of the weapons. This gave Qui-Gon the bright idea to sell the ship to buy the weapons...the weapons that were supposed to be bought to equip the ship.

Qui-Gon, Jar Jar, R2, and Padme were walking through a marketplace. Jar Jar was feeling hungry, and snagged a frog he saw hung up at a food stall. When the Alien Food Stall Owner objected, Jar Jar spat out the frog in his mouth, which landed into Sebulba's stew. Sebulba was so enraged by this that he grabbed Jar Jar by the throat. At that moment, Anakin showed up and calmed down Sebulba, by speaking to him in an alien language.

Suddenly, a huge sandstorm arose near the Queen's ship and headed towards the city. Anakin took Qui-Gon, Jar Jar, R2, and Padme to his home, sheltering them from the storm.

Anakin introduced them all to his mother, Shmi, who like Anakin was also a slave of Watto's.

Shmi had them all seated at the dinner table for supper. She asked about the Jedi Knights, and learned they used the power of the Force, which is generated by midi-chlorians. Qui-Gon explained that midi-chlorians are mircoscopic organisms that exist in all living cells.

Qui-Gon became fixated on getting money to buy enough blasters to trade for the weapons. Jar Jar pointed out that all they really needed was the money to pay for the weapons. Qui-Gon speculated on whether he could turn himself in to collect the bounty on Jedi, but Jar Jar pointed out that was impossible. When Shmi offhandedly mentioned gambling, Qui-Gon decided they needed to find something to gamble on. Anakin pointed out that there was pod-racing, and that their master Watto was having Anakin fix a pod he was going to race in. Shmi told them that the pods they raced in were incredibly dangerous with no safety gear. Jar Jar pointed out how Watto wouldn't need them because he could always fly away from any crash. This got Qui-gon thinking.

Qui-Gon approached Watto and offered him a blaster to throw the pod-race. Watto refused. They haggled briefly over the price until Qui-Gon offered the ship to Watto, and Watto agreed.

Qui-Gon contacted Obi-Wan and explained his plan. Since Watto was now going to throw the race, betting on his opponent would be the sure thing. So they would bet a lot of money and win enough to buy the weapons. Obi-Wan pointed out that there would be more than two racers, so the only sure thing would be knowing that one wouldn't win, they'd need to bet on all the other racers to collect enough money to buy the weapons that were supposed to equip the ship Qui-Gon had just given away, and that they didn't even have any money to bet with anyway. Shmi pointed out that what they needed to do was bet on the winner. Qui-Gon suggested that Ric Olie pilot Watto's pod, but Shmi pointed out that the pod was built for Watto's small size. R2-D2 eagerly pointed out that he was small enough to fit inside and race it.

While Anakin was going over the pod, Jar Jar noticed that there was a spanner stuck in the pod's engine. With Padme's help, he was able to remove the spanner before it could do any damage.

Suddenly, Obi-Wan remembered that Anakin had mentioned the pod had handlebars and pointed out that that meant that R2 wouldn't be able to steer it. Qui-Gon noticed that Anakin was small enough to pilot the pod, and decided he should pilot it. To make sure Anakin would win, he transfused his blood into Anakin, giving Anakin Qui-Gon's midi-chlorians so he'd have the Force Sensitivity he'd need to win the race.

The next morning, Qui-Gon approached Watto about not even entering in the race. He offered Watto a bet on a die roll. If Qui-Gon won, Watto wouldn't race. If Watto won the roll, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan would become his slaves. Watto rolled the die and won. But Qui-Gon used Fate Manipulation to reroll the die so that Qui-gon won. Watto agreed not to enter the race. Qui-Gon made a further bet with Watto: if Anakin won the race, Watto would free Shmi. If Anakin lost, Queen Amidala would become Watto's slave. Watto accepted.

Qui-Gon asked R2 how much money they'd need to bet on Anakin to win enough to pay for the weapons. R2 told him how much, using C-3PO as a translator. Qui-Gon left the others for a little while, then came back claiming he'd just pulled off his best plan yet.

As Anakin and the other racers prepared to get into their pods, one of them, Sebulba did something sneaky with Anakin's pod before he got into it.

As the race was about to begin, Qui-Gon began to explain his plan to the others. He sold all his blasters to some people to raise the money to bet on Anakin, and to stack the odds in Anakin's favor, have those people use the blasters to fire on the other racers. To ensure their cooperation, he offered to lead them to a Jedi after the race so that they could collect the bounty on him (since Qui-Gon was planning on leaving after the race, he didn't think this would be a problem).

After the race started, and Anakin took off (after a near-fatal false start), Shmi asked Qui-Gon what kind of people he made the deal with. He answered vaguely that they were some "sand...people". Jar Jar asked how these Sand People were going to know which racers to fire at. Qui-Gon explained that he showed them a picture of Watto and told them to fire at every racer who didn't look like Watto. At that moment, the Sand People began to fire at Anakin's pod (since, of course, Anakin didn't look like Watto).

R2 asked Qui-Gon if there were any other details of his plan he'd left out. Qui-Gon revealed that earlier he was the one who put the spanner in the pod's engine that Jar Jar removed, and that just before the race, he uesd Suggestion on Sebulba causing him to sabotage Anakin's pod. At that moment, a Sand Person took a pot shot at Anakin's pod. R2 sarcastically congratulated Qui-Gon on his "intricate" plan. Qui-Gon sincerely thanked R2 for the compliment.

By the time Anakin reached the third lap in the race, he was in fourth place. He recklessly drove his pod up a safety ramp sending it flying high into the air and landing just in front of the till-then-first-place racer, Sebulba.

Then the sabotage Sebulba had inflicted on Anakin's engines kicked in, and Anakin's engines caught fire. Anakin hit the overdrive on the theory the sudden acceleration would put out the fire. It did, causing him to catch up again with Sebulba's pod, but now his pod had no power. Anakin rammed his pod against Sebulba's, entangling his right engine with Sebulba's left. When the two pods got in sight of the finish line, Anakin used Force Manipulation to snap Sebulba's right engine cable and detach his pod. Sebulba's pod crashed and exploded while Anakin's pod coasted safely to the finish line, the winner!

Qui-Gon met with Watto after the race. Watto agreed to free Shmi for losing his wager, but pointed out he wouldn't be freeing Anakin, which Qui-Gon didn't mind. Qui-Gon gave Watto the money for the weapons and told Watto to have them ready for their ship. Watto pointed out that it was now his ship since Qui-Gon gave it to him for throwing the race. Qui-Gon pointed out that Watto didn't actually throw the race. Watto pointed out that Qui-Gon gave him the ship before he could throw the race. Qui-Gon pointed out Watto had lost that roll of the die, and thus lost his chance to throw the race, making the earlier deal null and void. Watto suggested they take up the matter with the planet's leading gangsters, the Hutts, and Watto could then collect the bounty on Jedi. Qui-Gon calmly suggested Watto take his money and call it a day. Watto asked why he should do that. Qui-Gon answered simply, "Laser sword." This was enough to make Watto back down.

Qui-Gon delivered the weapons to the ship and went back to town to get Shmi. On his way to her home, he saw Anakin getting into a fight with an alien kid his own age named Greedo. Anakin was suddenly so filled with rage he accidentally killed Greedo. Qui-Gon took Anakin with him to Shmi's home.

At Shmi's home, Qui-Gon told Shmi she was free. Shmi told Anakin to pack his things so they could leave. Qui-Gon pointed out he only agreed to free her. Shmi insisted she couldn't leave without her son. Qui-Gon tried to assure her that he'd be fine, after all he just killed a kid. Shmi was shocked. She insisted that Qui-Gon take Anakin instead of her, because now Anakin would have a price on his head. Shmi then pointed out that the Hutts would now be looking for Qui-Gon now that word had gotten out that he was a Jedi, that there'd probably be bounty hunters after him as well, not to mention the Sand People Qui-Gon had promised to deliver a Jedi bounty to. Qui-Gon got scared and ordered Anakin to leave with him now.

Shmi said her goodbyes to her son, making him promise to never come back there.

As Qui-Gon and Anakin were leaving town, Qui-Gon was looking around for anybody trying to get him. He spotted a small, black droid hovering in the air towards him. Qui-Gon struck the droid with his laser sword, splitting it in half. He told Anakin to run.

As Qui-Gon and Anakin were reaching the ship, they were approached by a Black Robed Figure on a hoverbike. Qui-Gon attacked him with his laser sword...and the figure leaped from his bike and parried Qui-Gon's blow with his own laser sword! Qui-Gon and the Figure dueled back and forth, too evenly matched for either of them to land a blow. By this time, everyone was on board the ship except Qui-Gon. Obi-Wan suggested the ship start to lift off so it could aid Qui-Gon by firing on the Figure from above. The ship immedeately lifted off as R2 frantically explained he hadn't installed the weapons yet because he didn't think they'd need them until after they had left the planet. Jar Jar asked Qui-Gon what Force Abilities he had. Qui-Gon started listing them, and when he mentioned "Force Jump", Jar Jar told him to Force Jump. Qui-Gon did so, safely reaching the ship's landing ramp as it was taking off, and gratefully shouted, "Jar Jar, you're a genius!"

The ship reached Coruscant without incident (Qui-Gon thought it was because the Feds would now be too scared to attack them). As the ship reached port, everyone was greeted by Senator Palpatine and Chancellor Valorum. Valorum came across as a raving lunatic, only speaking in bizarre non sequitors. As the Queen went to address the Senate to request aid for Naboo, Valorum refered in passing to the Jedi Council, and wondered what Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan had done on the negotiations with the Trade Federation Valorum sent them to Naboo for. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan decided to go talk to the Council.

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan addressed the Jedi Council, which was headed by Yoda and Mace Windu. They gave a very brief account of their exploits, but Ben felt he had to mention that they stopped on Tatooine and left it with a boy from the planet. The Council insisted on talking to this boy. Obi-Wan asked what the deal was with Valorum. The Council explained that Valorum was no longer himself, that he'd become decadent and lost touch with the people, but no one dared to challange him because he wielded too much power.

At the Jedi Council, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan had been brought in with Anakin. They were informed that injecting Anakin with midi-chlorians was dangerous, that this practice was done centuries ago, but people who gained access to the Force this way became unstable, some even became evil. There was also a Prophecy that indicated Anakin might be the Chosen One who would bring balance to the Force, which would be very bad because the Force has been used for good for centuries and balance would bring an equal amount of evil into it. To prevent this from happening, Yoda ordered Qui-Gon to guide and teach Anakin to learn self-control.

Everyone returned to their ship and head back to Naboo. On the way, the Queen asked Qui-Gon what his plan was. Qui-Gon started off with a plan that rehashed how this story all started. When Obi-Wan pointed this out, Qui-Gon put Jar Jar in charge. Jar Jar proposed the Naboo humans should unite with the Gungans to form a big army to liberate Naboo from the Feds.

As the ship reached Naboo, R2 wanted to attack the Feds' orbital hq, but Jar Jar vetoed that idea since the hq had the Orb protecting them. He ordered the ship to land near Otoh Gunga.

Everyone gathered around the shore leading to the underwater city of Otoh Gunga, waiting for Jar Jar to return from there and give a report. He arrived and reported that the Gungans had all left the city to go to the secret hiding place in the swamp, to make exlopding soap bubbles for the fight filled with electric mosquitoes, and that these bubbles would be piled on the backs of the dinosaur ponies.

Jar Jar led them to the hiding place, where they met the Gungans headed by Boss Nass and Captain Tarpals. The Queen appealed to the Gungans for aid, but was refused by Nass. She asked Jar Jar to negotiate. Jar Jar told Nass that they should help the Naboo humans defeat the Trade Federation droids, and then they could retrieve the Lost Orb of Phanastacoria. Nass agreed, but Jar Jar insisted he should demand payment for their aid: 10 humans per day so the Gungans would never have to worry about food again. At this point, Padme came forward to reveal that she, Padmé Amidala was the real Queen of Naboo. She offered to sacrifice herself to the Gungans to save her people. Fortunately, Anakin came up with a better solution. He pointed out to Nass that without their help, the Gungans couldn't get to the Trade Federation orbital headquarters where the Orb was, and it'd be a shame if someone should destroy the hq and the Orb along with it. Nass backed down, and agreed to help the humans.

Everyone made their strategy. Jar Jar would lead the Gungans to fight the droid army by attacking them with the soap bubbles. Qui-Gon suggested they fill up the bubbles with water from the geysers at high tide. Meanwhile, everyone else would storm the palace through the hangar and take the Fed leaders captive.

Jar Jar took charge of the Gungan army and led them into battle with a rousing speech.

Everyone else stormed through the hangar where the Naboo space fleet was docked. Ric Olie and the other Pilots, who'd been rescued from the hangar and been on the royal barge all along on the trips to Tatooine, Coruscant, and back to Naboo came forward and took off in their space fleet to battle the Fed ships orbiting the planet.

At the hangar, Qui-Gon ordered Anakin to take a fighter ship, go to the orbital hq, and assassinate the Feds' leaders. Obi-Wan asked Qui-Gon sarcastically why he didn't get Anakin to single-handedly destroy the base, and deactivate the Lost Orb and bring it back while he was at it? Qui-Gon thought that was a good idea and told Anakin to do it. Anakin reluctantly climbed onboard the fighter. R2 eagerly joined him as his co-pilot.

Suddenly, the Black-Robed Figure Qui-Gon had fought earlier on Tatooine entered the hangar. Qui-Gon rushed forward to attack with his laser sword. He was confident because with Obi-Wan by his side, it'd be two against one. Then the Figure revealed his laser sword was double-ended. Qui-Gon ordered Padme to lead her men to the throne room while he and Obi-Wan fought the Figure. Padme tried to do so, but she and her men were pinned down by the remaining droids in the hangar. R2 and Anakin were still in the hangar, in the fighter they were abaord on. R2 took charge of the fighter, using its laser to obliterate the droids. Padme and her men rushed out of the hangar while R2 and Anakin took off in their fighter to take part in the space battle orbiting the planet.

The Figure kept trying to break off the fight with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan to talk to them, but Qui-Gon kept attacking.

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan kept fighting the Figure, despite his attempts to talk. Finally, a series of force fields had come on in the hangar, seperating Qui-Gon from the Figure and Obi-Wan from Qui-Gon. These force fields were an airlock, a redundant system, done for vacuum testing of fighters in the hangar. The huge open air entrance also had a force field that blocked out air, but let metal get through, so the fighters could leave the hangar.

With Qui-Gon unable to attack for the moment, the Figure warned him and Obi-Wan that the Feds were about to use the Lost Orb to destroy Naboo's moon.

At the hangar, the force fields went down long enough for two rounds of combat. Qui-Gon rushed forward and continued to fight the Figure. Obi-Wan also rushed forward, but the force fields came on again before he could reach them, seperating Obi-Wan from them by one force field. The Figure impaled Qui-Gon with his laser sword and Qui-Gon collapsed.

At the hangar, the force fields came down and Obi-Wan rushed forward to avenge Qui-Gon. Obi-Wan and the Figure fought, but the Figure shoved Obi-Wan over a ledge and Obi-Wan was forced to hang on precariously to a knob on the wall. The Figure introduced himself as Darth Maul, Private Detective. Maul explained that he was working for Senator Palpatine to track the Lost Orb, but Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan had ruind everything.

Maul related in flashback on how Palpatine had hired Maul, and that Maul placed a "stooge" within the Trade Federation to spy on them. Palpatine got Valorum to send Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan to negotiate with the Feds. But when Nute Gunray learned they were Jedi, he contacted Palpatine, accusing the Jedi of being spies. Palpatine tried to calm him down by telling him that if they were spies they'd be searching the Feds' base. And at that moment, Qui-Gon began searching the room he and Obi-Wan were in. This was why the Feds attacked the Jedi at the start. The Feds then launched their full scale invasion of Naboo. When the Jedi went to Tatooine with the Queen, Palpatine sent Maul to locate them. When he got to Tatooine, Maul sent the small spherical droid that Qui-Gon destroyed to locate them. Maul finally found them as they were leaving and approached them on his hoverbike. Maul tried to talk, but the others couldn't hear him over the roar of his hoverbike, and then Qui-Gon attacked and escaped on the ship.

Maul finished his flashback by revealing that the Feds had a spy among the Gungans, Captain Tarpals. Obi-Wan offered to help Maul get the Orb and return it to the Gungans. Maul told him his job was to get it for Palpatine.

At the hangar, Maul offered to help Obi-Wan up if he'd join him in retrieving the Orb and giving it to Palpatine. Obi-Wan declined because he promised to give the Orb to the Gungans. Maul was going to leave Obi-Wan there, but when Obi-Wan threatened to report this to the Senate, Maul decided to kill him. Obi-Wan used Force Jump to leap from the knob he'd been hanging on to all this time, grab Qui-Gon's laser sword and use it to slice Maul in half.

Obi-Wan tried to comfort Qui-Gon as he lay dying. Qui-Gon then died.

Obi-Wan resolved to pass on to Padme Qui-Gon's underwater oxygen extraction aparatus and 50 feet of rope and grappling hook, but decided to keep the laser sword since he lost his when Maul pushed him over that ledge.

Silence of the Clones Edit

Qui-Gon appeared briefly in flashback, when Jango Fett revealed to Obi-Wan that he was disguised as a TC-14 droid in the conference room with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan aboard the Feds' orbital hq when Qui-Gon began searching the room.

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