Sebulba was an NPC, an alien pod racer on the planet Tatooine.

The Phantasmal Malevolence Edit

Qui-Gon, Jar Jar, R2, and Padme were walking through a marketplace. Jar Jar was feeling hungry, and snagged a frog he saw hung up at a food stall. When the Alien Food Stall Owner objected, Jar Jar spat out the frog in his mouth, which landed into Sebulba's stew. Sebulba was so enraged by this that he grabbed Jar Jar by the throat. At that moment, Anakin showed up and calmed down Sebulba, by speaking to him in an alien language.

Sebulba was racing in a pod-race the next day where Anakin would also be racing. As Anakin and the other racers prepared to get into their pods, Qui-Gon, who'd become a bit confused about whether he wanted Anakin to win or lose the race, used Force Suggestion on Sebulba, causing him to sabotage Anakin's pod before Anakin got into it.

By the time Anakin reached the third lap in the race, he was in fourth place. He recklessly drove his pod up a safety ramp sending it flying high into the air and landing just in front of the till-then-first-place racer, Sebulba.

Then the sabotage Sebulba had inflicted on Anakin's engines kicked in, and his engines caught fire. Anakin hit the overdrive on the theory the sudden acceleration would put out the fire. It did, causing him to catch up again with Sebulba's pod, but now his pod had no power. Anakin rammed his pod against Sebulba's, entangling his right engine with Sebulba's left. When the two pods got in sight of the finish line, Anakin used Force Manipulation to snap Sebulba's right engine cable and detach his pod. Sebulba's pod crashed and exploded while Anakin's pod coasted safely to the finish line, the winner! Since Sebulba wasn't seen after that, it's uncertain if he survived (he did survive in the Star Wars Expanded Universe).