Player Sally
Gender Male
Occupation Jedi Council Member (formerly)
Aliases Darth Sain
Status Alive
First Appearance Episode 132: Dour Narrations, or "Like, Did He Have a Pod?"

Yoda started out as an NPC, and later became a PC played by Sally. A wise, powerful, ancient Jedi, he was the senior leader of the Jedi until their massacre. He's now apparently the last surviving Jedi of the old order.

The Phantasmal Malevolence Edit


Yoda in The Phantasmal Malevolence

When Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan came to Coruscant after their disastrous attempt at negotiating the Trade Federation blockade of Naboo, they addressed the Jedi Council, which was headed by Yoda and Mace Windu. They gave a very brief account of their exploits, but Obi-Wan felt he had to mention that they stopped on Tatooine and left it with a boy from the planet. The Council insisted on talking to this boy. Obi-Wan asked what the deal was with Valorum. The Council explained that Valorum was no longer himself, that he'd become decadent and lost touch with the people, but no one dared to challenge him because he wielded too much power.

Anakin was brought to the Council. Yoda asked if he was afraid. He admitted he was "a little". Yoda warned that Fear was the path to the Dark Side, since fear leads to anger. Anakin argued that anger leads to passion. Yoda argued that passion leads to jealousy. Anakin argued that jealousy leads to nurturing. Yoda replied that nurturing leads to weakness. They argued back and forth like this, explaining the full path to the Dark Side.

At the Jedi Council, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan had been brought in with Anakin. They were informed that injecting Anakin with midi-chlorians was dangerous, that this practice was done centuries ago, but people who gained access to the Force this way became unstable, some even became evil. There was also a Prophecy that indicated Anakin might be the Chosen One who would bring balance to the Force, which would be very bad because the Force has been used for good for centuries and balance would bring an equal amount of evil into it. To prevent this from happening, Yoda ordered Qui-Gon to guide and teach Anakin to learn self-control.

After the Jedi and Anakin had defeated the Trade Federation on Naboo at the cost of Qui-Gon's life, everyone was back together at the palace when they were greeted by Palpatine, who had arrived on Naboo along with Yoda and Mace Windu, who announced that he'd been elected Chancellor. He also casually mentioned that as a retired Jedi, he had the courtesy title of Darth Sidious. He warned, however, that Valorum had disappeared like a phantom, and may become a menace. Now that they had the Orb, Obi-Wan insisted on giving it back to the Gungans, and Palpatine reluctantly agreed.

Yoda took Obi-Wan aside and promoted him to full Jedi Knight. Yoda warned of the legend of the Sith, a warlike race who used the Force for evil. Yoda feared Anakin might be the Chosen One who would bring about the dreaded Balance to the Force. To avoid this, Yoda ordered Obi-Wan to train Anakin.

Everyone was present for Qui-Gon's funeral, where his body was being cremated. Obi-Wan promised Anakin he would train him in the ways of the Jedi.

A big victory celebration was performed at the palace, where Padme formally gave back the Lost Orb to Boss Nass.

Silence of the Clones Edit


Yoda in Silence of the Clones

Ten years later, the now Senators Padme and Jar Jar went to meet Chancellor Palpatine and the Jedi Council, including Yoda. Palpatine told them that there were two bills to be voted at the Senate: one for creating a Grand Army of the Republic, the other to create a new moon for Naboo. Palpatine also revealed that the plans for the new moon had been stolen.

The next morning, Obi-Wan and Anakin were called up before the Jedi Council where Yoda berated them for every illegal, immoral, and downright stupid thing they did the previous night while pursuing the assassin Zam Wessel, who died thanks to their actions. Yoda had them suspended.

Obi-Wan met Yoda again later, who reminded him of his suspension, and suggested that someone should investigate the son of Zam that she mentioned. Ben pointed out he was suspended and couldn't do anything about it.

Yoda later sent for Obi-Wan and showed him some Jedi Younglings, trying to remind him of the child Zam Wessel mentioned. When Obi-Wan reported about learning the poisoned dart that killed Zam came from Kamino but Obi-Wan hadn't been able to locate the planet yet, one of the Younglings reminded them of the dogs that ate the library books. Obi-Wan wondered who could've unleashed the dogs in the library, and the Youngling declared it was "the evil old librarian!" Obi-Wan asked to look for some maps to find the planet, but Yoda reminded him that all the books on planets were eaten by dogs, so there were no maps. Obi-Wan then revealed that he was able to retrieve a "memory marble" that should help. Yoda pointed out there were teeth marks on the marble, and it didn't show Kamino, just a blank space. The Youngling declared that the blank space must be where Kamino was. Yoda disagreed, but Obi-Wan decided to check it out. He tried to compliment the Youngling by saying what a wonderful mind the "child" had, and offered to take the Youngling with him. But the Youngling took offence at being called a child and refused.

On Kamino, Obi-Wan contacted Yoda and Mace Windu to tell them about Jango Fett and asked if the Jedi Council really ordered this clone army as the Kaminoans claimed. Windu told him that this was the first they'd heard of the clone army. Yoda told him that if he caught Jango, he'd be reinstated.

While Anakin was slaughtering a tribe of Sand People on Tatooine, Mace Windu was in the Jedi Temple with Yoda when he started asking Yoda if he had sensed that great disturbance in the Force. Yoda admitted that he had. Windu declared that Anakin had given in to his anger, putting him on the path to the Dark Side of the Force.

On Tatooine, a funeral was held for Shmi, Anakin's mother. R2 left the ship to tell the others about Obi-Wan's message, that the Trade Federation and Separatists were plotting to overthrow the Republic with a droid army and that Separatist leader Count Dooku had stolen the Peace Moon plans they'd been looking for. R2 used C-3PO to translate that he had a message from Obi-Wan. Anakin told Padme to patch the message through to the Jedi Council so that they'd all hear it simultaneously. Obi-Wan related what he had experienced, suggesting that Padme and Anakin meet him on Geonosis where they could arrest Dooku and retrieve the stolen Peace Moon plans. The message was interrupted because Obi-Wan had just been captured.

Yoda suggested that Windu could go to Geonosis with the others, but Windu wanted to go to Kamino and get the clone army to help. Yoda pointed out they would need to get the approval of the Senate to do that. Windu contacted Padme and Anakin and gave them the order to go to Geonosis and rescue Obi-Wan while he made the Senate give permission to use the clone army. Yoda pointed out that the Jedi were not a part of the Senate, and thus couldn't address the Senate in its chamber. Senator Jar Jar Binks approached them and confidently declared that he had a plan.

On Coruscant, in the Senate chamber, Mace Windu asked Yoda if they were in time for Jar Jar's big speech. Yoda admitted that they were. Jar Jar addressed the Senate. He revealed that the Separatists had made a big droid army. With this meaning war, Jar Jar proposed that they give emergency powers to Palpatine, much to Palpatine's surprise. The Senate heartily approved. With full Senate approval, Jar Jar now revealed they had a clone army that Palpatine could use.

Windu declared he was off to Kamino to get the clone army. Yoda suggested he should go to Geonosis to join the others. Windu asked Yoda why he didn't do that instead. Yoda claimed he was too old and frail to go on such an adventure. Windu suggested in that case, he'd go to Geonosis while Yoda went to Kamino to get the clone army.

Later, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Padme, Windu, R2-D2, C-3PO and the Jedi were caught in a standoff with Trade Federation battle droids in an arena on Geonosis. Finally Yoda had arrived on his ship, and he brought all the Clone Troopers from Kamino with him. The Troopers were all loyal to Jango Fett and with his death, they lost their connection to the Force. Yoda used Force Suggestion to get them all to obey him.

Yoda's ship was an open troop carrier where the clones fired on the droids and were able to swarm out into the arena. Yoda urged the Jedi and the others to come on board. Everybody except R2 made it onto the carrier, and it took off, leaving R2 behind. He decided to head back to the ship he, Padme, and Anakin came in on by making his way back through the droid factory.

On the troop carrier, Obi-Wan explained to Yoda why the Kaminoans were led to believe that the Jedi Council had ordered them to create the clones. Yoda reinstated Obi-Wan as Jedi. Anakin asked if he could be reinstated too. Yoda wanted to know what Anakin had done to deserve reinstatement. Anakin claimed that he'd deduced that Dooku was a Sith lord, out to use the Force for Evil. Yoda reinstated Anakin and told Mace Windu that he'd still be needed.

Outside the arena, Yoda led the Jedi and clones on an attack of Trade Federation droids and troop ships, leaving Padme, Obi-Wan, and Anakin the only ones on the troop carrier with only a small handful of clones.

Anakin and Obi-Wan had tracked down Dooku to a cave where Dooku had defeated them in a laser sword duel, slicing Anakin's arm off. Yoda arrived at the cave and challenged Dooku to Force Arm-Wrestle: who ever lifted the heaviest object would win. Dooku reluctantly agreed. Yoda used the Force to lift a tank. Dooku used the Force to lift another tank. Yoda used the Force to lift up the entire planet. and declared himself the winner. Dooku claimed Yoda cheated and attacked him with Force Drain, but Yoda claimed he was not angry, just disappointed in Dooku because he was Yoda's former student. They engaged in a laser sword duel. Dooku claimed he didn't want to hurt anyone. Yoda demanded Dooku to give him the Peace Moon plans, or he'd punish everyone. He used the Force to levitate a large tower over Obi-Wan and Anakin, threatening to crush them. Having Yoda thus distracting himself, Dooku was able to make his escape.

In the desert, Padme was picked up by another troop carrier and reaches the cave just as Dooku had left it. He fired at Dooku's ship but missed.

Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Mace Windu got together to discuss the ramifications of what just happened. Obi-Wan pointed out that with their failure to retrieve the Peace Moon plans, they had started a major war between the droids and the clones. This led Yoda and Mace Windu to debate what they should call it.

Revelation of the Sith Edit


Yoda in Revelation of the Sith

The morning after Obi-Wan, Anakin, and R2-D2 had rescued Chancellor Palpatine from Valorum/General Grievous, Anakin came to see Yoda. Anakin told him to be suspicious of Obi-Wan as the possible Sith lord traitor. He also lied to Yoda, telling him that it was Obi-Wan who used Force Push to crash into that watchtower, where so many people got killed.

Anakin reported to the Council as a new member, but was surprised to find that Obi-Wan was already a member along with Yoda. Obi-Wan told him that he had applied for membership since the battle of Geonosis. It turned out that his application had been sitting in Mace Windu's in-tray for who knew how long, and that Obi-Wan just gained membership the day before. Anakin told the Council that they should be suspicious of Palpatine, that he appointed Anakin to the Council so that he could spy on them.

Obi-Wan told Yoda and Mace Windu that he was going to Utapau to track down General Grievous. Yoda revealed that an even greater force of the Trade Federation than the one invading Naboo was attacking the planet, Kashyyyk, and that he was going to go aid the Wookies. Obi-Wan asked Mace Windu if this planet was really that strategically important. Windu called it an ancient renowned planet but was otherwise completely clueless about it. He told Yoda to go check it out.

Yoda arrived at Kashyyyk and planned his Wookies and Clone Troopers' defense against the invading droid armies.

Yoda had fortified his forces on Kashyyyk for what he felt was a perfect, impregnable defense. But then the Wookies abandoned the plan and charged the droid armies.

At the Jedi Council chamber, Anakin and Mace Windu contacted Yoda on Kashyyyk and Commander Cody on Utapau. Yoda reported that the Wookies won the battle. Cody reported on what Obi-Wan had found out, including that Nute Gunray claimed he had sleeper agents in the Republic. Anakin tried to hint to Windu that Palpatine could be a Sith lord, but Windu was too dim to get it. Anakin left the Jedi Council chamber.

Anakin approached Mace Windu while he was contacting Yoda. He asked him if he ever dreamed of death. Windu replied that he never remembered his dreams. Anakin told him how he dreamed of Padme dying, and claimed that he saw a Sith lord killing her. He hinted that the Sith lord was Palpatine, but Windu failed to get the hints and decided that meant the entire Jedi Council were Sith lords. Then Yoda exclaimed that Palpatine was going to kill Padme! Now Windu finally got it, and after a long pause, decided to arrest Palpatine. He asked Anakin to come along, but after a long pause, Anakin claimed that he had to wash his hair. Windu decided that was a perfectly acceptable and legitimate reason not to come, and went off to confront Palpatine.

All across the Galaxy, Clone Troopers approached their Jedi, politely offered their apologies, then unhesitatingly slaughtered their Jedi. Yoda felt a great disturbance in the Force as the Jedi died.

Two Clone Troopers approached Yoda to offer their apologies. Yoda leaped over them and decapitated both of them with his laser sword. Yoda decided to go back to Coruscant.

Yoda tried to urge the Wookies to change sides and join the Federation droids to fight the clones, but the Wookies refused. All but one Wookie, Chewbacca who was still Yoda's friend and would continue to help him. This made Chewbacca an outcast among the Wookies. Yoda told Chewbacca to run away and never look back, as he left Kashyyyk on his spaceship.

Yoda and Obi-Wan met Organa on his ship. Obi-Wan suggested they should investigate the Jedi Temple. Yoda didn't want to because it'd be full of yucky dead bodies and would obviously be a trap. Obi-Wan pointed out to him that political leaders always appeared at the site of tragedies as soon as possible because it was great publicity. Yoda (who had some political aspirations at the time) eagerly decided that he could kiss the surviving babies. As Organa's ship headed back to Coruscant, they picked up a transmission of a public announcement urging people to turn in any Jedi they encountered to the authorities.

Obi-Wan and Yoda arrived at the Jedi Temple where they were attacked by Clone Troopers. Obi-Wan and Yoda made short work of them with their laser swords.

Obi-Wan and Yoda made their way inside the Temple, where bodies were strewn everywhere.

Obi-Wan searched the Temple and concluded there were no survivors, but he did find a hidden panel containing memory marbles. Yoda expressed suspicion of Obi-Wan, telling him that Anakin warned Yoda about him. One memory marble showed Anakin slaughtering Jedi, and Yoda concluded Obi-Wan corrupted Anakin. Another memory marble showed Palpatine ordering Anakin to slaughter the Jedi. Yoda conceded that let Obi-Wan off the hook for now. Obi-Wan wanted to arrest Anakin, but Yoda wanted to go after Palpatine. They argued back and forth on it until they just decided to go their separate ways.

Yoda confronted Palpatine in the Senate chamber. They mutually accused each other, then Palpatine attacked him with Force Drain.

Yoda calmed himself, negating the Force Drain. He and Palpatine began their own laser sword duel.

Yoda and Palpatine continued their duel, but were too evenly matched. Yoda suggested they settle things in a civilized way, with EXTREME Force Arm Wrestling.

Yoda explained to Palpatine that EXTREME Force Arm Wrestling was just like normal Force Arm Wrestling, only they would drop the things on each other. Palpatine dropped a Senate pod onto Yoda. Yoda dropped a Senate pod onto Palpatine.

Yoda dropped another Senate pod at Palpatine and declared himself the winner. But Palpatine jumped out of the way of the pod, and refused to go by the game any longer. He used Force Drain to attack Yoda's laser sword. Yoda dropped his sword.

Palpatine attacked Yoda with Force Drain, and pointed out how Anakin had warned him about the Jedi. Yoda retorted that Anakin had warned them about Palpatine. Yoda repelled the Force Drain, causing an explosive effect, pushing them apart, causing Yoda to fall and grab onto the edge of a Senate pod. As Palpatine started to lecture Yoda on the evils of the Jedi, Yoda realized that Anakin had also warned Yoda about Obi-Wan, and that that meant Anakin was the real enemy. He deliberately let go of the Senate pod and plummeted far below.

Yoda landed on the Senate floor and managed to sneak out. He contacted Bail Organa, who picked him up on Oragana's hover car.

Yoda and Bail Organa awaited Obi-Wan, C-3PO, R2-D2, and a dying Padme on a hospital stationed on an asteroid. As their ship arrived, and Obi-Wan carried Padme out, she went into labor.

As Padme was being operated on, a GH-7 Medical Analysis Unit informed the others that while Padme was dying beyond any hope of recovery, there was still a chance the hospital might be able to save...the twins.

Obi-Wan was with Padme as she was giving birth, assisted by a rather inept EW-3 Midwife Droid. Padme first gave birth to a boy, whom she named Luke. She then gave birth to a girl, whom she named Leia. After giving birth Padme died.

Bail Organa informed Obi-Wan and Yoda that Naboo had been liberated. He revealed that General Jar Jar Binks led the assault, nixed the Feds, and moved the planet back to its original orbit; that Sio Bibble saved most of the people by schmoozing with the Feds; that the capital Theed was protected by a force field; but the Lost Orb of Phanastacoria was once again lost. They pondered what to do with the babies. Yoda declared they should never be allowed to learn the Force and that it was too dangerous to keep them together. Organa volunteered that he had a "chick" on Alderaan who was into kids, who'd raise the girl. They decided to give Leia Padme's blaster. As Organa left, Obi-Wan and Yoda argued about what to do next. Yoda wanted to go meditate on the Jedi's failures, while Obi-Wan wanted to rebuild the Jedi and Republic. Obi-Wan declared that he'd take the boy as far away from Alderaan as possible. Yoda was fine with that because it meant this brother and sister would never have to meet each other. Obi-Wan took Padme's underwater oxygen extraction apparatus and grappling hook to give to Luke when he was older.

Yoda went to his own planet with nobody else to muck it up, and he would be King. The planet was one big swamp filled with creepy crawlies that would make sure no one annoyed him. He very quickly got bored.

The Enemy Let Slip Edit

On Dagobah, Luke was setting up camp with R2, using his swamp survival skills he learned from his adoptive parents in "Punishment Room Two". Suddenly, Yoda showed up, and addressed Luke as "young field hopper." Luke, startled, drew his gun. Yoda asked him to put "Patricia" away. When Luke asked who that was, Yoda explained it was Luke's gum. Or was that gun. It had been a long time since Yoda had had to speak, and he was clearly a bit stir-crazy. He called R2 "doop bug", and began rummaging through their supplies, giving each item of food a person's name. Luke asked who he was. He introduced herself as Darth Sain. Luke commented that he knew a Darth. Yoda explained it was a title, "Like Professor Pantaloon over there." Luke told him he was pointing at a tree. Yoda shushed him, telling him Pantaloon thought of herself as a pile of klee-klees and was a little nuts. Yoda grabbed a flashlight and named it "Wendy of Luma-ma". R2 tried to take it from him, so Yoda hit R2 with a stick that he called, "Baron Barkey". Luke asked him if he knew where he could find any civilization or people. Yoda said there were lots and that he could take him to them. Luke declined, saying Yoda might be leading him to a hut of human skin. Yoda said, "Silly, be not, young Luke." Luke was startled Yoda knew his name when he didn't tell him. Yoda told him he was as impatient as the day he was born. He told him to follow him. Luke told R2 to guard the ship, and if Luke was not back in one hour, to scuttle the ship and hide in the bottom of the swamp. Yoda implied he thought Luke was nuts.

On Dagobah, Yoda, the crazy ex-Jedi that the Rebel Luke had to put up with, had taken Luke to his hut. R2 outside looked in on a window. Yoda was stirring up some unappetizing ingredients for a stew that was bubbling in his cauldron. He offered Luke a choice for dinner, first there was what was in a bottle he had. Luke instantly realized the bottle had blue milk that he'd missed so much. Yoda told him his other choice was what was in the cauldron. He told him that if he took the blue milk, he'd be like everyone else, no Force, no danger, and no expectations. But if he took the red brew in the cauldron, he'd realize his full Jedi powers. Luke realized the blue milk his adoptive parents fed him was suppressing his Force abilities, and that when they told him if he stopped drinking it he'd die, it meant that if he stopped drinking it Vader would find him. He also realized that Yoda'd been taking the blue milk, too, and that was how he'd stayed hidden all this time. This made Luke all the more anxious to drink the blue milk now, as he was fearful the Empire could find him any minute. Yoda told him he'd enjoy it here in the swamp for the rest of his life.

On Dagobah, Yoda asked Luke if he'd decided between the blue milk or the red stew. Luke wondered aloud about which choice did Obi-Wan pick. Yoda revealed that Obi-Wan made the stew. Upon finding out that this alien creature who introduced himself as Darth Sain knew Obi-Wan, Luke realized for the first time that "Darth Sain" was the Yoda he'd been looking for. Luke decided that if the stew could make him as powerful as Yoda said it would, that he'd no longer need to take the blue milk to stay hidden. As Yoda fed Luke the stew, he revealed it was made up of various insect and arachnid excrements, or as he liked to call it, Obi-Wan's secret recipe of eleven turds and spiders. He offered to train Luke in the Force. Luke initially accepted, but balked when Yoda made it sound like he'd have to stay here for several years. Obi-Wan's voice, through his cloud of midi-chlorians, told Luke that Yoda was the best teacher in the ways of the Force. Luke reluctantly decided he'd train under Yoda if Obi-Wan said so. Obi-Wan conceded that Yoda was also the only teacher in the ways of the Force.

Yoda made Luke run around the swamp and climb the trees. Luke was feeling fatigued and decided he needed a break. Yoda told him that now his training could begin. Luke was shocked to learn that that wasn't training. Yoda explained how he was just having Luke sweat out what was left of the blue milk in his system, and he won't have to exercise like that anymore. Luke was glad to hear that, but asked if he wouldn't need exercise to build up his strength and stamina. Yoda told him no, the midi-chlorians would do that for him. Yoda asked if he knows why only Jedi wielded laser swords. Luke replied that he didn't know why anybody would wield a laser sword. Yoda told him it was because the Jedi used the Force to guide their laser swords, and if used properly, it was impossible to injure oneself with it. Luke was blown away by this revelation.

Luke asked how his training was to begin. Yoda told him to choose his own path. Luke decided he was drawn to a nearby tree. Yoda told him the tree was named Lord Elric Fluffypants, and that the tree was the last of his kind. He also told Luke that he could sense his own power. Luke said it was full of midi-chlorians. Yoda told him Lord Elric collected them, and that he was a trap. Luke decided this was too important to ignore.

Luke checked out the tree and discovered a cave underneath its roots. He went in. His sense of power increased and a dark figure emerged. Darth Vader was the figure Luke saw in the cave. Luke said aloud that Yoda must be testing him, and that Vader was just a manifestation of his own paranoia. Vader enquired if Yoda was training Luke. Luke told himself to ignore Vader and Vader would go away, addressing himself aloud as Luke. Vader identified him as Luke Satrkiller. Vader realized he must be a Jedi and declared that Vader's son would never have been killed by a mere ruffian. Vader attacked Luke with Vader's laser sword. He defended himself with his. They duelled with their laser swords. Luke yelled that Vader killed Obi-Wan. Vader gloated over this, and Luke decapitated Vader. When Vader's helmet and head fell off, part of the helmet had broken apart, revealing Luke's Head inside. Luke's Head told Luke that he (the head) was Luke's future...unless Luke defeated his (Luke's) past. Luke decided this proved the cave was a metaphysical test after all, and asked if he passed.

Yoda told Luke that wasn't metaphysical and he failed the test. Luke argued that even though he saw his own head, it was still clearly attached to the rest of his body, so how could that not be just a metaphor. Yoda explained that Luke summoned an avatar of Vader from Luke's fears, and that it reverted to metaphor only when Luke decapitated Vader, severing the psychic connection. Yoda explained that the real Vader saw, heard, and felt everything. Luke asked if that meant he killed Vader. Yoda didn't believe so. Luke asked how he was able to contact Vader. Yoda told him he must have forged a psychic link with Vader in the past and asked him if he ever felt he knew what Vader was saying and doing even though there should've been no way he could've known it. Luke said sure, but that he hadn't thought about it that mu- "No!" Yoda interrupted him. There must have been a reason. Luke asked how, since he'd never even met Vader. He recalled that Vader said Luke killed Vader's son. He wondered if that son was on the Peace Moon or something. Then he remembered that Princess was Vader's daughter, and horrified thinks that he killed her brother. Yoda asked who that was. Luke told her it was Senator Princess Organa. Then he remembered that Princess' adoptive parents fed her blue milk, just like his did, and was horrified when he recalled that Princess kissed him on the mouth. Yoda realized that Princess must be Leia, the baby daughter the Organas adopted, and realized this was very bad news. Luke realized that he didn't kill Princess' brother, he is Princess' brother, and if Vader is her dad...He yelled a loud, "Nooooo-" followed by Yoda yelling, "Noooo-" Then Yoda stopped and asked Luke why he was "Nooo"ing. Luke explained it was because Vader, the most evil person in the galaxy, was his father, and asked Yoda why he was "Nooo"ing. Yoda explained that Anakin, the most powerful and evil Jedi who ever lived was Luke's father and was still alive. They both yelled in unison, "Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!"

R2-D2 said he hated to interrupt their "Nooo"s but something actually important just happened. He said on the bright side, the energy signature of their ship just went way down, literally, and that their ship was now very well hidden, but on the less bright side the dragonsnake was a real jerk, since their X-wing was now almost completely submerged in the swamp water. Luke asked what R2 was talking about. R2 reminded him that Luke did ask R2 to scuttle the ship. Luke asked if he did. R2 denied it. Luke was relieved until R2 clarified that it wasn't him personally who did. Luke summarized in his own words that R2 repeatedly taunted the dragonsnake from ashore and then the dragonsnake sank the ship. R2 insisted he wasn't giving the dragonsnake difficult riddles. For an intelligent being. Yoda declared that Luke could now stay with Yoda here for the next 900 years.

Luke insisted he needed that ship. Yoda told him he didn't. Luke repeated that he did. Yoda declared this was an argument that they must settle in the traditional Jedi way: Force Arm-Wrestle. Yoda said they were just a three day's hike away from Hubert and Nancy, the two biggest boulders on the planet, and he called dibs on lifting Hubert first since Hubert was on a diet. Luke suggested that they use the Force to lift something nearby like his ship. Yoda objected that there was only one ship. Luke suggested that while one used the Force to levitate the ship, the other used the Force to keep it down, force against force like a normal arm wrestle, and to make it best of three. Yoda accepted. Luke tried to use the Force to levitate the ship, but Yoda was able to overcome him, and used the Force to push the ship even further underwater. Luke said it was now Yoda's turn to levitate the ship while Luke tried to push it down. Yoda levitated the ship effortlessly out of the water and carried it ashore, almost as if Luke wasn't using the Force to push down on the ship at all. Yoda gloats that his victory was too easy. Luke pretended to be disappointed.

On Dagobah. Luke was still reeling from the shock of learning Vader was his father. Yoda told him it was even worse, Vader could now sense Luke's mind as Luke was able to sense Vader's. R2-D2 suggested that Luke go back to the tree and reach out to Vader again. He said Vader would be surrounded by the Clone Troopers so all Luke would have to do was mind control them and have them all shoot Vader at once. Luke thought Vader would be too prepared for that. (Luke was able to understand R2-D2 because he removed the translator from the X-wing when he told R2 to guard the ship.)

Luke decided that Vader might know where he was now, and decided to leave and take the fight to Vader. Yoda tried to talk him into luring Vader to Dagobah to distract Vader from other things, but Luke didn't think that was a good idea.

On Dagobah, Luke and R2 boarded their X-wing, intending to go find Vader. Yoda told Luke that he didn't know where to find Vader. Luke decided to use his psychic link to Vader to try to locate Vader. Obi-Wan appeared before Luke, urging him not to open his mind to Vader. Luke asked Obi-Wan if he'd been haunting him. Obi-Wan replied, no, that as a cloud of midi-chlorians, he came to Dagobah on Luke's ship. Upon reaching out to Vader's mind, Luke was alarmed and was all the more frantic to leave. Obi-Wan told him he had to stay with Obi-Wan and Yoda to complete his training. Luke asked if Obi-Wan wasn't coming with him and R2. Obi-Wan explained that this was the Jedi home world. Luke thought that was because Yoda was the last Jedi and lived there. Yoda explained that the midi-chlorians of transcended Jedi were brought here and lived in Lord Elric Fluffypants. Obi-Wan said that he and the other residents preferred calling it, "the tree." Luke said he sensed a strange protective energy around Vader and two words that he didn't know what they meant. Yoda asked Luke to whisper those two words to him. Luke did so. After hearing it, Yoda said it would take some time to think of this development, and told Luke not to leave. Luke said Yoda was nuts, and that if Yoda sensed his death, to leave the planet. After Luke and R2 took off, Yoda said he thought they'd never leave. Obi-Wan pointed out they were urging Luke to stay. Yoda said exactly, anyone else would've left days ago (implying Yoda was trying to use reverse psychology to get Luke to leave sooner). Obi-Wan feared Luke was too much like his father. Yoda said he was counting on that. Obi-Wan asked him if he wanted Luke to confront Vader. He said that if anyone could overcome Vader, it was Vader's son. Obi-Wan said Luke was their last hope. Yoda said no, there was another. Obi-Wan replied that she was surrounded by complete rogues.

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