Zam Wessel was an NPC, a shapeshifting assassin. The former wife of Darth Maul, they had a son, Boba Fett. After they divorced, she remarried to Maul's private eye partner, Jango Fett, who raised Boba as his own son.

Silence of the Clones Edit

While Padme Amidala was sleeping in her bedroom, Zam sent a small airborne droid up to her window, where it sliced the window open, and released two centipede like creatures into the room who started to crawl up Padme's bed. Fortunately, Jedi can detect danger from a distance, so Obi-Wan and Anakin rushed into Padme's bedroom and Anakin destroyed the creatures with his laser sword.

Obi-Wan Force Jumped through the window and grabbed the droid, and the droid flew off carrying him. Anakin decided to follow by driving Padme's hovercar. The droid flew back to the assassin who sent it. The droid took Obi-Wan to Zam, who shot at Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan was able to wrench the droid mid-air so it took the blast aimed at Obi-Wan. The droid was destroyed, and Ben started falling. The field generators on Coruscant slowed down his fall but he was falling towards a lava pit. Anakin flew the hovercar under Obi-Wan, and he safely landed in it.

They chased Zam, who was fleeing in her own hovercar, and eventually found themselves flying directly above her hovercar. Anakin leaped from his hovercar and landed on Zam's. Anakin struck at the hovercar with his laser sword. Zam shot at him. Anakin tried to dodge, but dropped his laser sword. Obi-Wan caught it. Anakin tried to grapple with Zam, but Zam's car burst into flames and crashed.

Anakin and Zam both survived the crash, and Zam ran into a bar. Obi-Wan caught up with Anakin and gave him back his laser sword. They both went into the bar looking for Zam. Zam was about to shoot Obi-Wan from behind, but he span around and chopped off her hand with his laser sword. They took Zam out of the bar and onto the street. Zam told them she was hired to attack Padme, and that she needed the money to pay for her son's operation. Obi-Wan promised to protect her if she'd tell them who hired her. At that moment, they saw a shadowy figure on a ledge above them fire a poisoned dart at them. Anakin grabbed Zam and used her as a human shield. The dart hit Zam, and the figure flew away. Zam shapeshifted, begged them to look after her son, and died.